Monday, August 4, 2014


alright so the mission is not doin such a hot job of helping us not be trunky.. as like a last hoorah we all get to go to the old gold mine and hunt for gold.. it's like a giant trunky group because everyone knows you're going because you're going home! haha 

so I'll send pics because we don't have much time.. like always ;) 

Esta semana! 

Fidel - he has read up to 1 Nephi Chapter 12 in the Book of Mormon and spent like all of wednesday night at the church with us, helping with Youth Conference and then helped with English Classes haha he also got news that.. he is 3rd in line for a transplant!!! for his kindeys... downfall... 

HE MOVED OUT OF THE MISSION BY LIKE A MILE! so we handed over an amazing person to the Roseville mission.. haha 

OK NOT MUCH TIME! gonna send pics! 


Hermana Skidmore