Monday, October 20, 2014

Morgan's Challenge

Hi family and friends!

As I finish up (ugh it hurts my heart to type those words) and prepare to accept the title of an "RM--a.k.a. Returned Missionary," I have a small request given in the commitment pattern I have learned on my mission. 

I TESTIFY that you are amazing people who will, under the influence of the Spirit, think of something awesome and inspiring in order to fulfill the following: 

WILL YOU write me a letter, doesn't matter how long, of something you've learned in the last year about your faith? It can be a quote that impacted you, a gospel doctrine that's helped you, an experience that made you believe in God, ANYTHING. Send it to me before I end my mission, as a final spiritual boost...

AND I PROMISE YOU that you will be blessed with the opportunity to reflect on how your testimony has grown this year and how the Lord has answered your prayers through small and simple means. 

I am so grateful for all of you and for your support. Please don't feel like this has to be a huge project! Anything, no matter how long, will be amazing! Please try to send it within the next 2 weeks because I only have 4 weeks left and I have no idea how long mail takes :( 

My address:

Hna Morgan Skidmore
8267 Deseret Ave.
Fair Oaks, CA

Les agradezco con todo mi corazon,

Hermana Skidmore

Sunday, October 19, 2014

la locura real.


I thought it was nutso a few weeks ago.. the craziness continues!

Sorry I forgot a small detail last week... 


The Rio Tierra Spanish ward now has 2 sets of Hermanas and 2 sets of Elders! crayyy. 

Side note for Hna P - they cover the North Highlands area of the North Elders old area and the North Elders are now on bikes...ahhh. 

It. is. the best thing. EVER. It's unfair how much fun we're having.
Hna Hurley - from Arkansas
Hna Porter - brand new missionary from Indiana and on of the most hilarious people I've ever met.

Just this week, they got their car illegally towed out of the parking spot we thought was ours...we blew a few fuses with our hair dryers.. and there were more elders in our apartment than should ever be allowed in a sisters apartment... which is none. 

They were helping us move furniture and put stuff together so don't worry we weren't breaking any rules haha. If the door was ever accidently shut - we all just looked at eachother super awkwardly...opened the door, and Elder Poulton would yell to the outside "Spirit, come back!" 


Then, get this. 

We've been running around like chickens missing their nuggets all week trying to get organized, trying to help all the hermanas that are shot-gunning (opening a new area) and so Hna Skidmore just had faith that everything would be okay.. some how, some way. 

Our faithful zone leaders ran into a spanish man named Santos while they were out one day. Referred us to his family. THE WIFE WAS BAPTIZED IN EL SALVADOR like 20 years ago and wants the whole family to learn! She lost track of the church when she came to the states but God made an appointment and Santos met the elders and the rest... well...

It was a "How the Grinch Stole Christmas" moment. 

Like I'm sayin ; "[Her] heart grew 3 sizes that day." 

They were all sitting there on the couch, listening intently. Soaking it all in. At the end, we all kneeled for Family Prayer and Santos (the father of the family) said it. By the end. there were tears.


As always, Hna Skidmore had nothing goin on up there... like I was thinking "crying would probably be a good expression of my happiness but I'll settle for a smile that competes with Micky Mouse." 

He said he'd never felt that way before. He felt so warm. He's like "I'm bein a cry baby! This never happens! Thank you so much for coming!" 

Move over family, we gotta make room for these people in mi corazon, you can share the left ventrile... because Leilani still has her spot taking up the whole right ventricle.. just like she does with sides of the bed - CAN I GET A "HEARD THAT" ? haha that dog... is she still alive?! 

So things are amazing. I'm so exhausted in all the best ways.

To top it off, on sunday, on of the relatives of a member, a 12- year - old, Elizabeth, decided she's ready to be baptized. Novemeber 16th. WHEW! :) 

THEN - Zone Conference with Elder Johnson from the 70. Changed my perspecitvie about how to apply my mission to my life. 

He said " I never want to see you.. and notice that the light in your eyes is gone because you haven't been reading your scriptures." 

Same to to you, queridos. I want to see that light in your eye balls shining from down the terminal. 

I love you with all I've got. God is good and He lives, Everything is going to be okay because Jesus Christ is our Savior and the Church has been restored.

I love being a misisonary and I love you.

Con amor,

Hna Skidmore



okay not much time - always seems that way huh haha

we went to the Air Force Museum today with our district and it was SO FUN - it was closed but there was a huge gate open with all of the planes just sitting there... so obviously we walked in.. and got kicked out. Don't worry, we went out peaceably. they were appreciative of our interest :) 


We all took a spoonful of "salsa chile de arbol" at the Ochoa's house due to a bet.. hahah the elders have had some serisous stomach probz, it hasn't fazed hna Sheff and I for some reason? haha

Graciela came to church! It was a primary program and it was NUTSO haha - like think... daycare with church hymns sung at the top of their lungs.. and sugar.. lots and lots of sugar... her kids loved it :) 

FIDEL IS GETTING BAPTIZED - THAT'S RIGHT! He moved back into our mission to ELK GROVE AND Obipo Galvez, Diana y Angel Ochoa, and I are all going to see him on SATURDAY AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! I'm gonna cry so bad!!!

Les quiero mucho! 

Hna Skidmore

this talk changed my life :)