Sunday, August 25, 2013

Hot Dogs & Cabbage



I've realized I need to be so much more humble. The blessings are literally EVERYWHERE! I get to stay with my awesome trainer at Sister Schows house for the next 6 weeks. Our fridge is full of water bottles from random people. Our ward members give us referrals like the second coming is tomorrow, and we have really seen the hand of the Lord in our work!

Remember our "Primary class"? This group of kids that LOVES to talk about Jesus at this apartments complex? Well this week we had perfect timing and Diana (the main little girl that LOVES reading the Book of Mormon) was outside and her mom was on her way inside. We stopped her and said "Hi! We're the missionaries! We love your daughter, could we share a message with you real quick?" In Spanish obviously but yeah! She let us in! 

This little girl is literally changing the lives of those around her because of her Faith. Softening hearts & opening doors all over the place! Holler at your mini-missionary! She even asked us for homework!? So I gave her the first 5 verses of 1 Nephi to read and I made a little fill in the blank paper for her. And Wrote down some questions for her to answer! Then we we came back the next day.. 

She had it all written out with a note that said "Thank you Hermanas! I love the Book of Mormon and I love reading! and I love you!" LIKE WHAT!? We challenged her to be baptized and her mom gave her a death glare hahah. Because she raised her hand like ME ME YES ME BAPTIZE ME NOW! But then we challenged the Mom and she still wants to learn more so Diana changed her mind a little, too. We'll get there (:

OH! Last night we went to see them, all these little kids are outside and we're going to contact someone else at these apartments but the kids saw us.. they all screamed..


Hermana Thomas just looks at me.. "Do you want to talk to the contact or the kids?" I said Kids obviously! So I fell to my knees as they all ran to me screaming and gave me hugs! Gahhhhh AND I THOUGHT KIDS HATED ME! hahahah 

This week we have also done a lot of singing as missionaries. There are 9 of us in the Del Norte ward. CRAZY! 5 hermanas and 4 Elders. The Zone leaders are in our district and they're over the YSA singles ward so we are mainly just with the other 2 elders. We call our District Leader, Elder LaDuke, our Relif Society President haha. Because he's over 5 hermanas. #AgeChangeProbz am I right!?

Anyways.. We sang at a baptism and we sang the EFY medley in Church yesterday. It's so funny because everyone tells me I can sing.. I just laugh.. I guess that voice class did something for me? 

I can just picture dad banging on the bathroom door, "Morgan, your can you turn off your Broadway voice? We're going to bed!!!!!" hahahaha 

The congregation loved the song. Some even clapped ;) 

Cool Miracle:

We had to park down the street from our appointment because there were so many cars along the street already. While walking to the house, a guy stopped us and was like hey.. who are you? We explained that we're missionaries. His name is Anthony. He has had a really tough life but for some reason he has never given up his faith in God. He really wants to find a church and he saw and and for some reason he felt like he knew we could help him fill the holes in his heart. It was such a tender mercy. He spoke english though so we had to send him in as a referral. SORRY FOR ALL THE MISSION LINGO! Hopefully Mitchell can explain! 


Had dinner at a members home. Hermana Melix. She's a little off her rocker but BOY is she just a bundle of love. She had all 5 of us hermanas over but she wasn't ready.. so she collected what she had in her fridge. Hot dogs and cabbage.. put em together in a pot and TA DA! DINNER! hahah 

I've realized that I'm really not a picky eater.. I know how much they sacrifice for us so I was totes fine with the fake meat and vegetable mixture. The other Hermanas kind freaked a little. We also had pupusas (poo-poo-sahs) like pancakes except sometimes filled with meat or cheese. Those were good with Salsa.. lots of salsa.. to cover up any suspicious flavors.. :) 

Then there was this Philipino dessert.. All the other Hermanas were like ew.. but Hermana Melix offered it to us so I felt obligated to try it.. NOT TOO SHABBY! Obviously not Cheesecake factory.. but I ate it.. and so Hermana Melix let me take the whole thing home.. and this sunday she brought me ingredients so she can teach me how to make it.. hahahah. I just kills me how much they love us (: I'm so grateful to be here. 

WE FOUND GABRIEL THIS WEEK! He was the random guy on the street we picked up one sunday and then lost him because his phone didn't work and he moved or something? 

WE FOUND HIM! So we call him and his brothers the 3 mexicans pirates.. and they all showed up at church! We gave Gabriel and one brother Jose, a baptismal date yesterday! So cool! 

Now Francisco.. He was at church yesterday and pulled us aside.. He dropped us. He said there are some things in his life that he's not willing to change.. and he doesn't want to come to church anymore. We love him so much. It was rough. But agency is a funny thing. Yeah that's all I'll say about that.

I love being a missionary. Yes, the days are hard. You never know what people are going to do. As soon as someone opens the door, I look in their eyes and I am immediately attached. It's hard when they aren't interested because I know I have what they need they just don't know it. I love these people so much and I am so grateful for everything that has gotten me to where I am today. How great is my calling. It's not a question. It's a statement. It's not open ended. Being a missionary is great. Great reponsibility, great blessings, great trials, and great triumphs. I wouldn't trade it for the world.

I am so grateful for a Heavenly Father that loves me enough to give me the chance to participate, if only for a small moment, in the lives of his precious sons and daughters. I know my Savior lives. I know he not only died but LIVES for each of us and that through him we can find the strength to move forward when it seems impossible.

Matthew 5:45 - Rains & shines on the good and the bad. So it is with Life. Just keep on moving foward (: 

Con todo mi corazon - Hermana Skidmore

Pistol Packin' Grandma

The title of this email was the quote from Sister Schow. I asked her if she would come to my wedding. and she said if it was in KC, no. Because she hates air planes. what do they think, I'm a pistol packin grandma? hahah  

The title of this email was the quote from Sister Schow. I asked her if she would come to my wedding. and she said if it was in KC, no. Because she hates air planes. what do they think, I'm a pistol packin grandma? hahah 

So this week was kinda hard. I don't know. I need to be grateful for the miracles that happen every day. That sometimes things fall apart so that other things can fall together but I can't help but feeling like I could be doing something more.. Like it's my fault..? Hard to explain. 


Francisco was not baptized this week.. He is 60 years old and when we went to fill out his baptism paper work, He explained that he wants to talk to someone his own age about this comittment before he makes this life changing step. I totally understood. He's been interviewed and taught by people that could be his grandkids! haha. 

he did say something funny though, when we were asking him about his baptism jump suit.. he was like "make sure it's big because I don't want anyone to see my tacos.. ya know my fat rolls..?" hahah it was so funny! 

I'm sure he'll be fine after he talks to the Bishop. He has such a strong testimony and I can see him being an incredible priesthood holder and really blessing his family in the days to come. 

There is so much more I want to tell you but I need to write president. I love each of you so so much. Please know that I love being a missionary. It's an incredible opportuinity to just barely dabble in the difficuilties the Savior experienced. What an honor to wear his name over my heart every day. 

Mosiah 7:33

Les quiero muchisismo,

Hermana Skidmore

Attended my first Quincinera!!! it was insane!!! 

I made pancakes with a recent convert family. 
Some of the little kids that LOVE US!


Sunday, August 11, 2013

Puedo Hacerlo!

There's this less active family, remember the picture with the little girls? The Aleman family? Well I was on exchanges with Hermana White in my area and we visited them. The mom was in a really bad mood and stuff but we colored a sun moon and stars with the girls and talked about reinos de gloria. Their Dad is trying to stop drinking so before we left we asked him how it was going.. HE SAID HE HASN'T IN 4 DAYS! Granted, we haven't been able to check up since then but that's a good start! I was super excited, didn't have the words in spanish to say so.. so I just gave him a high-5 and he pointed to the fridge.. 

On a sticky note I had left him a note (the previous visit) that said "YO PUEDO HACERLO!" to help him remember not to drink. He had put it on the fridge and that's what helped him! It felt so good to know that even though I can hardly understand him.. his spanish is really mumbled, I was able to help him somehow. tender mercy. 

Check this.

For some reason, I've been chillin with all the widows lately, I totally relate to President Monson - the widows are my lady jam! - they're great! For some reason we've been meeting a lot lately, and I live with one so I just ADORE them! 

This week we met Gladys, it was a miracle, timing was everything. We were trying to contact someone else but ran into her instead and were able to really do some meaningful service for her. 

She's from El Salvador, and GET THIS, Brad Wilcox.. ya know THE brad wilcox, well his son, baptized Gladys into the Church, #MINDBLOWN. 

Gladys has lots of health problems so we just sat with her in her backyard while she told us her life story. Sidenote: her garden is her favorite thing and it's legit like the Garden of Eden. She has cockatiel birds and 2 cute dogs,, a nice looking water fall and the "Tree" with the fruit on it.. if ya know what i mean. It's actually an orange tree but for the sake of the comparison to the Garden of Eden, work with me people. 

Then we went inside, and she has been asking her daughter to put up this curtain in her kitchen for like months, so she asked us if we'd do that before we leave. No problem! She was SO GRATEFUL, it felt so good to do something so simple but we could tell she really enjoyed the company. Then she showed us her scrabble room and asked us to play the piano for her, we tried to turn on the lamp above the paino but Hermana Thomas broke the knob off.. so I'm like trying to fix it and taking it apart while she's playing and were hoping that Gladys isn't seeing any of this ( her chair was facing the other direction) and I ELECTRICUTED MYSELF! hahaha this ZAAAPPP went all the way though my body.. ouch. I didn't manage to fix the lamp either.. 

She was so so so grateful that we came. and she speaks english and spanish so she was really helpful to talk to. 

3 minutes left ahh!!!

We have 2 baptisms coming up (: 

Francisco - 57 year old ADORABLE man that is a chef in a hospital cafeteria, is getting baptized this saturday

and Juan Carlos, he's the cutest 9 year old I've ever seen and this week we creatively made a paper chain with a scripture for every day until his baptism on the 24th! like rip one link off a day and read the scripture - what up! sign me up for teaching primary! 

2 mintues ahhh!!

We were doing service for a member family this week and the little boy took a bite out of my chapstick and spit his chicken out on my plate.. I was just like.. hm, okay.. and kept on talking - WHAT UP - ready for motherhood! haha #not


Omni 1:26 - Gospel in a nutshell. 


- hermana Skidmore

Tengo GOZO en mi alma hoyyyyy (I have sunshine in my soul today!)

Okay this week!!!


Let's talk about prayer. 

I feel like a lot of people are intimidated to prayer. Like God is so great that like "why would he want me to talk to Him?"

Well the truth is. BECAUSE YOU'RE HIS CHILD! He is your best friend in the whole world. God wants to hear from you desperately. 

We were visiting some potential investigators this week in an apartment complex and this little girl Stephanie was following us around and telling us where all the spanish people live. Little kids are seriously the BEST for referrals! haha. She's 4 years old. Wearing this bright yellow tank top (mom if you remember I was obsessed with yellow before i left haha). She went with us to every door and just watched us talk to people. Then we had to leave for another appointment somewhere else and so we were like.. okay... bye... 

and she just stood there.. staring at us as we walked away... 

the thought popped into my head, as cliche as it sounds... "What would Jesus do?"

I turned around to look at her again, and I yelled, "Stephanie, do you want to say a prayer with us?" 

She just nodded. It was the cutest thing. 

So we sat on the steps of this random apartment and had the most spiritual experience of my mission so far. There were people walking by and what not but Stephine was completely focused, whcih is a lot for a 4 year old. 

We taught her how to start.. dear heavenely father.. give thanks for blessings, and ask for the things she needs, then end in the name of Jesus Christ, amen. 

She speaks mainly english so we helped her pray. i said the words and she repeated after me. 

Her voice was clear. She enunciated very well. In that moment, I felt the love of the Savior beaming from this little Spanish girl in a yellow tank top. I felt the love that our Heavenely Father has for us and the joy that comes when we just talk to him. 

It was incredible. "Amen." and Stephanie just sat there. Smiling. And then we left. and she sat there on those steps as content as could be... and you guessed it.. I cried... 

Haha. It's amazing the Spirit that little kids have. They recognize us as servants of the Lord. as representatives of Him. Holy cow I love wearing my name tag. What an honor. 

I don't have much time for my other prayer stories. but I'll tell you a few quick funny things.

We are in District meeting and we get a text from this 15 year old, Jose, that we had met tracting and just given him our number in case he needed anything. 

"Hey Hermanas I need your help with a problem." 

I freak out... 

"Hey Jose! What's up? Are you okay?"

"Yeah I need help."

"What kind of problem?"

"A decision."

We call him. He says he "Won't be here after 1PM

My heart jumps to suicide. Blood is rushing through my veins. We have to save this kids life. 

We drive to his apartment and the car is silent. Hermana Thomas thinks that he's like planning our demise and all his friends are gonna jump us. 

We say a fervant prayer before getting out of the car.

We knock on the door. 

Jose - "hey Hermanas..."

"hey..Jose! What's up..."

Jose - "So I can't decide between these two girls.. like which one I want to be my girl friend.." 

ARE YOU KIDDING ME!?!?!? It took everything I had not to laugh. I knew Heavenly Father was probably busting up because our prayer was like "please keep us safe and help Jose not be dying.." hahah LADY PROBZ!

It was the sweetest thing. At first we thought that he was talking about US and we're like.. uh missionaries can't date.. hahaha but it wasn't us. :(

We told him to pray. & Read his scriptures.. SO CLICHE! but i mean that's how i make decisions.. 

I was just flattered that he knew we'd come running if he needed anything.. he knew he could trust us. AND WE ONLY MET HIM FOR LIKE 5 minutes? hahah  oh.. missionary work.. 

Quote of the week: 

A crazy man giving us crap about Mormons and Provo Utah blah blah blah.. while we were tracting.. he says..

" DID YOU KNOW 8/10 WOMEN IN PROVO ARE BEAUTIFUL!?!" Hermana Thomas is from Orem so she was like YEAH! hahah The mormons are beautiful. Can't deny it ;)

Mitch has a lot to look forward to (: hahah 

Okay - scriptures. This week I found a new favorite person in the Book of Mormon. Enos. He has one chapter but IT IS SO GOOD. He talks about repentence and prayer and bears his testimony. Short and sweet. Love it. Love Him. The Church is true. The Book of Mormon is the word of God. 

Les quiero muchisimo y siempre.  

- Hermana Skidmore