Sunday, November 2, 2014

feliz HALLOWEEN!!!

right now, the elders are having a discussion about who would win in a fight out of all the missionaries.. so far I'm ranking pretty good hahahahah makin my parents proud ;) 


back to bidness!

Guess what!?

Tuesday night, 10PM;

the phone rings, it's President Jardine - not an unusual occurrence but still..

WE GOT ANOTHER MISSIONARYY!!! APT #66 keeps on growing! 

and get this... here's the kicker....

IT'S LEILANI GOMEZ!!! She is from the Monte Vista ward that i served in in Tracy! She is AMAZING!!! She has served a longer mission than me because she has gone out with the missionaries like every day since she was baptized 2 years ago!

It's a dream come true. Me and Shefskies (hna Sheffer) are loving our lives!

Our whole apartment is like a family! 

I can't really remember a lot about what happened this week - honestly everything is starting to blur.. like I feel like I'm dreaming 24/7 it's going so fast.

Good news!

I made it through 2 full REM cycles last night! AND Hna Gomez (Leilani.. which is so hard to get used to calling her Hermana) is a Vegan! It's like living with mom again! Everything organic and healthy.. Aint no body got money for that so I'm still livin off of apple-like pears and wheat bread HOLLER - don't worry mom, Halloween is coming up and there will be plenty of candy corn to fill me up (shout out to Hna Thomas! love dat candy kernnn!:))


Speaking of Halloween;

Funny story; Graciela came! She was a cat haha i'll send pictures and Jay and Alex her kids were there, too! PEROOOOO (but) they partied so hard with our ward... They weren't able to get to bed early enough to come to church hahahaah.... aya la vida.. those Mormons ;) This week we were able to have THE most spiritual lesson with Graciela. We watched the Restoration Video about how Jesus Christ restored His church through Joseph Smith and the coming forth of the Book of Mormon. I was praying the whole time that the kids wouldn't scream and THEY DIDN'T! In between breast feeding and talking, we helped her to understand that a false prophet could not have written a true book - and we know the Book of Mormon is true, I know the Book of Mormon is true, because it has helped me to not only know about but know personally my Savior Jesus Christ. Pray, ask. 

She said she would, just like Joseph Smith did, read, and pick a specific time and place to pray out loud and ask God if these things are true.

 Have you? ;) 

Elizabeth (12 year old miracle girl) was able to come to church! The young women loaded her up with personal progress books and all kinds of girly things.. you know how the young women do haha. 


This week I've been thinking a lot about Faith... we run into a lot of people every day that say they have faith in Jesus Christ - which is AWESOME! 

To me personally, Faith is an action word. It means progress... Faith means that we believe that through the Atonement of Jesus Christ, by believing that we can change and improve ourselves, and asking for His divine assistance, that we WILL be changed.. we TRY so that, with confidence y mas que nada joy, we will realize that all the positive changes we have made, have lead us back to His presence. 

To not only return to him , but to remain with Him. 

For more info and a nice... Gospel related kick in the pants, for lack of a better phrase haha...

Go to: 

Les quiero con todo mi corazon,

It's hard to think about the end.. really... like my heart hurts but then I get excited to see you.. it's a roller coaster. I haven't cried yet.. so I'm waiting for that P-Day when I just explode on some poor elder that says "SO HNA SKIDMORE HOW FAR AWAY IS THAT PLANE?" hahaha 

I know that God lives, I know He lives and I know He loves us... because he allowed me to serve a mission.

Hermana Skidmore


Soy milk is just milk introducing itself in Spanish hahahaah VEGAN AND A SPANISH JOKE IN ONEE!!!! 

Elder Ward told me this one.. "Dyslexics of the world - UNTIE!" hahahahahahahahaha