Wednesday, July 9, 2014



focus, hermana Skidmore. focus, words. sentences. okay. 

Angeles got Baptized! it was the most glorious, crazy, sweaty (mmm yeah) day ever! Let's start with the fact that she walked to her baptism and she has a bad knee...WHAT? She sees the font all filled and she just holds her heart like it's about to burst, we got her her white jumpsuit and rolled up the pant legs to fit her, she huddled Hermana Pitcher and I in the changing room and she said "Hermanas para siempre. siempre en mi corazon, hermana, ustedes han cambiado mi vida..." my heart was so full as she explained how long she'd waited for this day and how much she loves us.

Hermana Vasquez from another ward is the woman who introduced Angeles to the church, she arrived and it was like - Hermanas, where are the chairs, do you have hymn books, is it hot in here? are you going to translate? IS THERE ENOUGH FOOD!? NO NOT THE FOOD! hahah she's a really sweet lady and she wanted everything to be perfect, it was just funny because Hermana Pitcher and I had planned to go to the bathroom and have time to rub all the sweat off of our unmentionable parts.. didn't happen. hahaha BUT the important thing is that Angeles was loving her life :) she was so happy and her son even came and the people she lives with that she nanny's for! ahhhhhhh.

The baptism was. wow. I actually almost cried. yep. 

Our new investigator, Fide (17 yrs old), came and loved it. He couldn't stop smiling. Yeah. the Spirit does that to you - lemme tell ya! 

After her baptism, Angeles' outfit was all white still hahaha. she looked like a real live angel! Hugging her was like catching a ray of sunshine, she was so full of love and so happy, hugging her was like putting your suitcases down right inside your front door after gettting home from a long trip. She. is. amazing. she was talking to Fidel and she's like "So when are you getting baptized!? CAN I COME!?" hahah 

God Bless America.

the 4th of July was amazing too! we had a stake breakfast with all the kids decorating their bikes and a parade, Fidel came to that, too and so did Cari and LUCY - LUCY is a miralce too! an old drop that called us and said she's ready - THE CHURCH IS TRUE EVERYBODY!

It doesn't stop there. On Sunday we were running around and ran into a man that speaks spanish.. rode his bike to church.. "como se llama?" PABLO!!! also a former investigator that was invited by missionaries a long time ago but that decided today was the day he was going to come. He also accepted the invitiation to by baptized. woah. 


new mission president and his wife... President and Sister Jardine! 

they. are. amazing. my kindred spirits. I gotta go but I love them. I'll tell more next week! 

QUote of the week, "being happy is how we show our gratitude for all that God has given us!" 

Les quiero muchisisisisismo - Para siempre,

Hermana Skidmore