Sunday, December 22, 2013

Meet the Robinsons!

First things first - WE ARE HAVING A WHITE CHRISTMAS! 

We had this RAD ROCKIN miracle and one of our investigators, Reyna (she has a crazy home life and all her kids live with her and don't do anything and life has just kind of beat her up BUT things are turning around!) I haven't talked about her much because we haven't been able to see her as much as we want but she accepted the date to be baptized (or baptizezed as she says haha) on DECEMBER 31ST to start her year fresh. BAHHHH it was so amazingg!!! This weeek was so great ahhhhhh. 

Second things second...

I'm getting transferred... President called me last night...

"Sister Skidmore, we would like to extend you a call to serve in the Tracy area. You will be the Senior companion with Hna Griffith (she was in my MTC district!) and you will have the entire area of Tracy (it was 2 areas but they're combining it). After this transfer, we will split the area again and you and Hna Griffith will both be training. I have great confidence in you to work hard to build this area. Will you accept the call?"

LIKE WHAT!?!?!!?!!?!?!!?!!? 

I said:

"Yes President. Thank you. But I have one question.. Who is going to tell Sister Schow? You or me?" 

He laughed... "I'll leave that to you." 

I hung up the phone and CRIED like a baby. We hadn't had a chance to eat so Hna Clonts was eating the dinner the Delgado family gave us to take with us and I'm crying and she's like.. "Hey sorry to ruin the moment but will you hand me a napkin? my face is burning... (lots of chile)." hahahahaha I love her. 

I'll be living with another member family! The Robinsons! AYAYAYA a family for Christmas! #tendermercy 

It'll be okay. I'm really sad to leave East Sac. This week has been full of miracles and there is no doubt in my mind that I will be coming back for lots of baptisms. 

Sister Schow has been really upset all morning.. She said "Tell your family that I'm more sad about you leaving than you are about leaving." AHHHH :( I made her breakfast this morning. It's become kind of our tradition when big things happen. I love that woman. I can't wait to bring you back to meet her. 

I'm a little overwhelmed right now. I have so much to tell you but ahhhhhh it's just so crazyyyy I have to pack!? WHAT!? 

Fun Facts from this week:

Hermano Delgado PRAYED. The whole family knelt and he said family prayer. One of my favorite experiences so far. Definetely coming back for their baptisms. ahhh I love them it's so hard to go ahhhh.. :( 

Some spanish people paint their walls Red and green in their house for Christmas. Go big or go home right?

Met a little girl named Metzlie. like that name mom? it's like mayan or something?

We are teaching a woman who is from Romania that speaks spanish because she learned spanish form watching novellas (soap operas) IT IS THE COOLEST THING! we teach her in spanish, she translates to her husband in romanian and he responds to us in broken english. Also their daughter stuck her hands down her pants and then touched my face with her poop hands... hahahaha Whatcha gonna do?

Steve - Sister Schow's neighbor who's wife passed away - is gettting baptized!!!!!!!!!!!! He invited me:) I wonder if I'll be allowed to come back for it...

We were tracting and I met a girl that just graduated from UCLA with a degree in cognative science. I talked to her about it for a good amount of time and I think it's something I'd like to do. FO REALZ THIS TIME GUYS! haha. Does BYU offer that?

There's a guy named Dancing Dan that is always on the corner of Watt and Marconi when we go out to work each day. He wears a batman suit and asks for money but he's still super cool!

We randomly knocked on this house and it was a Spanish family. I felt prompted to ask if we could say a kneeling prayer with their family before we left (They weren't super interested). The father said yes, we prayed for each person by name. and then after the prayer, their 20 year old daughter Estephania asked if we have any youth programs, we told her about the Young Single Adult ward. We told our Zone Leaders about her (the YSA missionaries) and she has a date to be baptized in JANUARY! AHHHHH MILARGRO! 

I guess I just want to tell you how grateful I am to be a missionary in the California Sacramento Mission. This is what I've waited for for a very long time. No one could have told me how hard it would be; just as much, no one could have told me how great it would be either. I am the happiest I have ever been. And it's not like a short term... carnival ride, adrenaline rush- happy. It is heart swelling, smiling from ear to ear, I feel so full of gratitude I'm going to explode - kind of happy. 

I have loved my first area of East Sac for the past 7 months. I could not have asked for a better experience with which to start my mission. This past transfer has been the most fun, the most spiritual and most rewarding transfer yet. Our zone is so unified, so supportive and SO FUNNY. These people will be my friends for life. My companion Hermana Clonts, will be one of my best friends for life. She is an obedient, dedicated, and loving missionary. She follows the Spirit and I know that that is why we have seen the success that we have. She thinks about our investigators all day every day, prays for them, and we have seen miracles as we have taught specifically to their needs. AND SHE IS HILARIOUS.

I love this Gospel. I love my Savior and I know he lives. There is no doubt in my mind that every encounter is for a purpose and that as we follow the Lord's game plan, we will know success. 

Here we go on the next great adventura.

Les quiero siempre.

Hermana Skidmore

Winds of a White Christmas

hola hola!

so we don't have anyone with a baptismal date for december.. YET! I still have hope! 

Miguel PROMSIED he would come to church this week but said he got lost finding the building... which he said he already knew where it was... it's fine! he's still got 3 more sundays to make it to church!

The Delgado fam! 

We had a lesson with them and the kiddos were crazy. We tried to read from the Book of Mormon and Alondra (the mom) was ba da ba ba ba lovin it. And apparently Aranza (the 10 year old) can read in spanish! Anyways, It was really unfocused... so i was like, ya know,

"When we exercise our faith in Jesus Christ and know these things are true, when we repent and try to be better everyday, this faith leads us to want to keep God's commandments.. one of which is.. the B word.. BAPTISM." 

How's January 18th? 

Alondra's like.. "YEAH! actually.. no.. wait... let me check my work schedule..." hahah 


We have been trying really hard to inspire our ward to help us out by going to lessons and fellowshipping the investigators. I wouldn't want to go to a church.. or anywhere for that matter.. where I didn't think I'd be bombarded with hugs and big lipped hispanic kisses! (not racist, I'm allowed to say that because I'm a spanish missionary :)) 

President Lewis (mish prez) is really stressing teaching simply and to needs. We really think about what our investigators need personally and not just checking off a list. Hna Clonts and I have been really good at that from the get-go so I feel really blessed to have my comp! 

This week I've really been studying repentence. It is such a gift. If we ask our Father in Heaven in humble prayer to help us over come our natural selfish tendencies, He will! and through the atonement we can be forgiven of past mistakes. que bonita es eso!? All we have to do is ask, and do our best. 

I love this gospel. and I love being a missionary. no better time of the year.

Fun facts this week:

- Hna Cardullo ran over Hna Clonts foot with the car and.. MIRACLE - nothing was broken

- Sister Schow's Handy man brought us EACH a pie.. #phat

- "Baile" is the word for "club" in spanish.. like a dance club. So people that go to the "baile" a lot have a bad reputation haha

Les quiero simpre,

hna skidmaaaas

Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Sacramento in the Fall

hola hola!

el dia de accion de gracais fue biennnn divertido. 

Hna Clonts and I went to Sister Schow's daughter (Debbie's) house, her husband Kelly is the Bishop of an English ward so the sisters serving in their ward came, too!

Hna. Clonts and I went over early to help set/decorate the tables, I'll try to send pics if I have time! It was so fun! Most of their extended family was there and they are HILARIOUS!

I felt like I was in a sit com on ABC Family. I was right at home. They just talked back and forth so fast and are all so witty!

Nick (Sister Schow's grandson) told us their new baby was skinny and going through some medical difficulties but now he's "Fat and Sassy" hahaha and the other grandson (recently married) proposed to his girlfriend by a comic strip in the Sacramento Bee and there's like this huge story about how he emailed their favorite comic artist to create the whole thing so that when he and his girlfriend read the comics together she'd see it! crazy! and the story made the newspaper like alll over i guess. ALSO, Kelly (the bishop) is super crafty and made his own Gandolf Staff! It's so legit #nerdalert He's a 5th grad teacher so he made the staff so he could dress up for Halloween. Haha they're just really awesome. Felt right at home and very blessed.

The day after Thanksgiving was a little rough. No one was home.. just blahhhhh. We were both just kinda like whyyyyy? We're trying our best!

For comp study the next day we talked about Faith and what we need to do to just keep moving forward and be happy through the tough times and identify the little miracles that inevitably occur every single day. This is the work of the Lord after all. 

We had a member with us and we went to one appointment a little early because we wanted to have the member (hna. Mcfarlane) with us for this lesson, too! 

His name is Miguel and his esposa is Lurdez. IT WAS A STRAIGHT UP MIRACLE. We call him "Mi-Golden." haha All our investigators have nicknames.. 

He just explained that he's never prayed.. that his son is a christian and a really good man and he wants to make God a bigger part of his life... He wants to feel closer to God and he's been waiting for that sign. He even had a dream about it and there were 2 messengers that came to help him in his dream - Hna. McFarlane looked at Hna. Clonts and I, looked at Miguel and was like "here they are. This is the truth. God knows your heart, knew you were ready, and here they are." WOAHHHHH BABY. tears. the Spirit was so strong as we invited them to be baptized. Miguel said he wants to learn more but then he is willing to make the step. He had never prayed before but we invited him to say the closing prayer, helped him start...

"Querido Padre Celestial... 
Te doy gracias..."

and he just talked to God like he was talking to a friend. no words to describe it. so cool to see someone make that connection for the first time.


Another miracle, 

Our family the Del"Goldens" (original, I know) their actual name is Delgado's. We FINALLY got to have a sit down lesson with them and their 4 kids. We taught the kids the primary prayer song to help them learn how to pray and when we went back last night they had it memorized and they LOVE praying. Their oldest is 10 - her name is Aranza, then Fernando (totally gonna serve a mission) who's 8, Camelia whose like 3 and a baby!   

They all speak english and spanish so we watched a few mormon messages and explained about prophets. Alondra, the mom, was SO receptive. She LOVES the idea of family prayer and scripture study. She's all about the family and thinks that Church should be something you bring home with you and not something you just check-in and check-out every sunday. AMEN SISTER!

We watched the Mormon message "Mountains to Climb" with President Eyring. the Spirit was so strong. Especially during the part where the mom comes in and sees her little boy praying.. ahh. It was perfect for Alondra with all her crazy kids and busy life. We left them the Book of Mormon and are going back tomorrow to check up :) I can't wait!!!

I love being a missonary. Me encanta mi mision. Me encanta este evangelio y todos de ustedes.

I know the Gospel is true and has been restored by a prophet today, Thomas S. Monson. I know the Book of Mormon is true. There's just no way that it's not. 

Que tengan le mejor semana de sus vidas!

Hermana Skidmore

Survivin & Thrivin

Where to start!?

ROXANA WAS BAPTIZED!!!!!!! AHHH IT WAS WONDERFUL! She is amazing. I am so incredibly happy for her :) pics to come!

The day/the weekend of Roxana's baptism was probably the most stressful day of my mission so far.. BUT SURVIVED! still kickin!

- We had Zone Conference so we had to actually look decent haha
- Got a flu shot...
- Gave a talk in front of a General Authority...WAHHHH!
- Roxana's baptism
- Gave a talk in Sacrament Meeting on sunday!

So for Zone Conference (When all the missionaries within a certain radius get together with the mission president to talk about how we can improve our teaching skills and become better missionaries. aka: my favorite activity every 12 weeks #nerdalert) 

Elder Baxter of the Quorum of the 70 came!! He's from Scotland so he has this rad accent and it made everything sounds so official.

Here's where it gets good.. Elder Baxter like rebuked all of us.. hahaha hard core. Scottish people are BOLD. WOAH BABY - at least that's the assumption I'm making if all Scottish people are like him.. hhaha. I really appreciated everything he said, though! We definitely needed it! He just talked a lot about how confusing we make things that should really be simple. and how we need to watch our vocabulary because it's very unique to the Church. so true! He did throw in some jokes though.. I took really good notes on those ;) haha

"I have 12 years left in my calling as a member of the 70.. then I can do what I really want to do.. be a Sunbeam Teacher (the class for the 3 year olds on sundays). Seriously, you get to nap, have a snack, and even someone to accompany you to the bathroom... High Priest meetings aren't like that.. we've just perfected the art of sleeping with our eyes open.." 

"We all know that when missionaries take their investigators to church for the first time.. this is what their respective prayers sound like..
Investigator: Please don't let anyone be weird....

"As we say in Scotland - There is no such thing as bad weather, just inappropriate clothing." 

hahah just imagine all of that.. with a Scottish accent. 

Every Zone Conference, all of the missionaries are requierd to write 2 minutes talks about an assigned topic, then president reads them throughout the day and picks 2 of them and those missionaries read their talks to errbody. 

The topic was "The Doctrine of Christ."

I'm really weird guys.. I LOVE public speaking. Really. So I worked really hard on my talk. I prayed about what to say for several days and rewrote it a few times... I can see Cameron shaking his head and laughing at how nerdy I am.. haha.. I really tried to think about what the Lord would have me tell my fellow missionaries.

Well guess what... I was late getting back to the main meeting because I was getting a needle stuck in me. So the APs come running to find me and then I walk into the main meeting and everyone's staring b/c President said my name and no one knew where I was.. llike heyyyy everybodyy... President Lewis "Sister Skidmore, you're going to give your talk.. that'll teach you not to be late haha." 

So yep. I used a line from an email Mitchell sent me a few weeks ago, "The Gospel is not about perfection, it's about progression." Something I've really been trying to understand myself lately. It's funny.. sometimes we give talks and the one speaking learns the most haha.

I don't have much time left! and I want to send pictures! 

My talk in sacrament meeting went well! I spoke on prayer! I think everyone understood! 

I love you all and I'm so grateful for you. Really. I feel so lucky to get to spend my time serving the Lord but I couldn't do it with out all the support from home. 

Les amo siempre. 

Hermana Skidmore