Monday, August 4, 2014

La Risa Te Sana

Hola familia querida! 

La risa te sana is something that Angeles always says - it means, "Laughing heals you!" haha. 


FELIZ CUMPLEANOS PAPACITA (not an actual word, but you don't know that ;)) AND FELIZ ANIVERSARIO - Mumsie and Popsicle. love you both so much!!! have the fiesta you want and deserve! 


-Fidel - I've been on the phone with the Roseville Mission Office this week (with permission, don't worry!) 

"Hello this is Sister Skidmore from the Sacramento Mission!"
"...we know..." hahaha 


But Fidel is now meeting with the Spanish Elders in Roseville!

- Hermano Ferran... he feels pressured and won't accept a baptismal date.. his brother is going back to Spanish for 4 months so he doesn't want to get baptized until his brother is back in the US.. NOOOOOOO... so we asked him to pray about the 6th of August. He is so ready and the ward already thinks he's a member.. all that's missing is the covenant and the blessings ;) 

WOAH LIVIN ON A PRAYER - we need a miracle. let you know next week. 

but there is a silver lining to the partial cloud cover - Ferran lives with his brother and sister in law who are both less active members - for the first time this week, she fed the missionaries! and it was us! She is also a marriage and family therapist so we have lots to talk about. I feel so blessed that she is coming back... good things are happening, maybe not exactly how we want but we are grateful for the amazing things that keep us going! 

Funny stuff: 

Hermana Sierra is from Panama! She knew some english before she came but it's still fun to be with her while she's working out the kinks/learning more slang haha.
I had to explain all the contexts of the word "naughty" .. that was nice and awkward.. she's like "can you use it in a sentence both ways.." 

no. no I can't. haha. I don't like that word in english! 

She also loves the word "bosses" hahah "We're bosses!" 

Angeles pronounces Google like : "goo-glay" hahaha 

Hermana Pitcher and Hermana Thomas are coming to visit this week - LET'S GET TRUNKYYYY! hahaha just kidding. member present lessons, whatuppp! 

I love you all so much, I love being a missionary.. I don't email all of the things I've learned spiritually 
1) because the Elders in here with us talk so much and figured out my first name.. so that's awkward haha.
2) I can't even begin to explain things with words.. I've learned so much about love. That the world is so filled with hurt but the Love of our Savior is so evident as well. It is everywhere, there is so much proof that God lives. 

Watch this: 
cry a little. you'll know why I love it. it's a little sad but it gave me chills all over. and the spiritual boost I needed on a hard day. the song in the background "Abide with me" has become one of my favorites :)