Monday, April 7, 2014

Echa pa'lante!

move forward :)

hola mi familia!

This morning we woke up at 4:50pm and went to the temple allll the way in Sacramento - 2 hours! and I was responsible for keeping the member awake that was driving.. like eyes closing... must... stay... away... ZZZZzzzz... Sudden braking! following too closely! I'm acting like Dad in the passenger seat! hahaha we got there safely and by some miracle, ON TIME! Punctual Hna Skidmore was feeling her blood pressure climb as the clock counted closer and closer to 8AM haha. It was a great experience and the weather is beautiful! I'll send pictures so this email might not be as long! 

This week was a little rough at the beginning, we haven't heard from Adrian.. it seems like everyone has a physcho-ex like "who's that?" "Oh just my psycho ex..." We tried to turn it for the best though and we've encouraged Adrain to invite her to church! He laughed at us.. haha. He will hopefully be calling us soon.. He knows what's best. 


A member (Hno. Tercena) ran into an old friend that had been taught by the Hermanas a while ago. His name is Diego :) Single dad of 5 kids! 11 and under! Ahhh he's amazing. He is defintiely a manly man make no mistake about that, tatuajes y el es un mecanico pero todavia he treats his kids so well and they are very obedient and he has their respect. We have taught him 2 times and he just accepts everything! He loves praying and isn't bashful about praying in a group or anything. We were even able to having a kneeling family prayer after the second lesson with all the kids around :) ahhhhh they're so neat! 

Last night after Buff Wy Wy, the members that took us went with us to see Diego and his family! we took over some coloring pages in order to help them understand the Jospeh Smith story and his role in bringing back the original Church of Jesus Christ that he organized when he was on the Earth. They colored while we talked to Diego about the Book of Mormon and how it helps us understand the teachings of Jesus Christ even more clearly. And how it's the record of his greaaaat greaaaatttt grandparents that lived in the Americas a long the same time as the Bible just different part of the world :) The kids were all done coloring, so we had them line up in story order and read the caption to their Dad haha. 

"Jose Smith queria saber, cual iglesia era verdadera?"

"Jose Smith leo en la Biblia en Santiago capitulo 1 versiculo 5."

"Jose Smith decidio a preguntarle a Dios como la Bibla dice." 

"Jose Smith fue un arboleda y Dios nuestro Padre Celestial y Jesucristo, vinieron." 

"Por medio de Jose Smith, Jesucrist restauro Su Iglesia. La evidencia es el Libro de Mormon. Jose lo tradujo con el poder de Dios. Es el relato de las personas en las antiguas Americas." 

I wanted to take a picture of them so baddd! but my better insitncts were like "resist the urge Hna Skidmore!!! Resist the urge!! going to ruin the Spirit!!" haha

THEN - we all watched the Restoration movie and the kids all sat still to watch it, too! Even Julio! the youngest and most fiesty haha. 

They're coming to Church on Sunday and Deigo accepted the invitation to be baptized :)

Today we're headed to the Girhdelli chocolate factory that is in Manteca!!! YESSSSS!!!! I'll try to send something home, mom :)

Fun fact!

Spanish people love glamor shots, they put on lots of make up and costumes and then hang the pictures in the living room :) 

This week I've really thought about happiness, what is it that makes us happy and how to we make the best of rough situations. The mind has so much power. It's all about attitude, life is what you make of it and so is the mission :) I got a letter from Mitchell and it really helped me, "Make the best of your mission, you've only got one!" so true. 

I love being a missionary. There is a special spirit that comes when we recognize how much we depend on the Savior, to make us better, to help us change ourselves and improve through his Atonement. I love it. 

I know the Church is true. I know it is. I've prayed about the Book of Mormon a lot of times on my mission, just to make sure it's still true, I'm still out here for something that's true. Good news :) it is. It is so true. and I promises it will bless your life if you let it. 

Con todo que tengo,

Hermana Skidmore