Monday, April 7, 2014

La union hace la fuerza.

There is strength in unity!

ALOOOOO mis queridos! 

This week we were slapped in the face over and over and over again - by MILAGROS!

Like woah baby. Tracy is exploding. Everyone in Tracy is looking for the truth. 

We have been blessed with three families to teach! 

I don't even know where to start so I'll just tell you about them really snappy fast.

La Familia Machuca - we had a bomb Family Home Evening with our Ward Mission Leader (Hno Gonzalez) and his family and then the Bishops wife (hna Levy) because those three families all live in the same house. 

I thought my heart was going to burst out my chesty chest when every one was singing the opening song, off key, as ususal :), HAAAYYYYY AMORRRRRR HAYYY AMORRRRR, O QUE GOZO TODO ESSSS CUANDO HAY AMOR!!! = when there's love at home (hymn). 

Then Hermano Gonzalez gave a great lesson about temples. Baptism is the first step but the goal is to be with our families forever and the only way we can do that is if we make it to the temple! 

Hermana Levy is secretly HILARIOUS and really good with kids! julio the youngest - was telling her how he speaks english and spanish and she was super impressed haha. They were talking in Spanish and then in english she goes - gimme fiii = give me a high 5. 

We played this fruit game and everyone was running around, it's like musical chairs except with a grocery store and fruit. haha Diego (padre) was like shoving his kids to the floor trying not to lose. hahaha. then while we were eating, we mentioned the womens' conference was for girls from 8 - 108 and Julio goes... "ya son muertos" under his breath, which means.. they're already dead anyways. and Hermana Levy just about lost it she was laughing so hard.

Hna Gonzalez is the kids primary teacher so Hno Gonzalez asked Joana what she thought of her primary teacher.. He's like "malo? bueno?" Hna Gonzalez is sitting right there, Jonana thought for a second, picked her words carefully and said "eh, mas o menos" which means "Eh she's aightt." hahaha. LITTLE MEXICAN KIDS ARE THE BEST! 

They weren't able to come to church due to family stuff but we're going to see them tonight!

Familia Aguilar: 

Juana, her son Andrew who's 22 and Jenifer (12), and Kevin (19) CAME TO CHURCH! We were late for church again.. haaha like sweet job hermanas... because we made them muffins to get them awake and took them to their house. Juana was like Oh MUFFINS? Let me make Pancakes! hahah it was 8:40 and church starts at 9... VALE LA PENA. It's worth it :) We got there in time for sacrament water (don't worry we stayed after for the next one ;)) 

Jessica and Andrew loved it! The youth did a great job making friends and including them - yesss! Juana and Kevin were a little freaked out because we talked about word of wisdom (what we don't drink/eat as members of the church) and emergency preparedness. haha Like they probably left thinking we eat grass and are preparing for a zombie apocalypse.. DON'T WORRY EVERYONE - Mormons love to eat (maybe a little too much sometimes, like there's no refreshments?! Why did I come!?) haha just kidding :) 

La Familia Ortiz: another member referral! Their daughter, Liz was being taught by the english elders but her parents and aunt speak spanish so they passed the family off to us! They came to church too! and at first we didn't realize it because we were so surprised haha. 

Gosh I'm so happy. After church, our district of missionaries (there's 8 of us in the Monte Vista ward) knelt together to say a prayer of gratitude. The work is hastening. and how lucky are we to be a part of it. 

I've really been working on humility, especially now since things are picking up. Funny how when we ask to develop a virtue, God gives us a chance to develop it. Pray for patience? and He makes ya wait! I know Who's work this is. I am so grateful for this privilege. God loves His children and wants nothing more than to welcome them home with open arms. We just have to give them a chance to remember that they were already taught this plan before they came to Earth. We have to help them remember, to feel the familiar Spirit and the rest will come. 

Les amo a ustedes con todo mi corazon, no se olviden de orar. 

Hermana Skidmore