Monday, April 7, 2014

Paso a paso!

Queridos! Que tal?! Como estan!?

Gosh this week was grand. 

Hna Cuesta think we've finally got this thing figured out! We are teaching really simply and not try to cram too many details into a lesson. We are learning patience and that God has a plan for everyone that we're teaching and we need to respect that. 

We are also trying to get healthy.. when we call to confirm dinner appointments, we tell the members that we're not allowed to have postre (dessert) and THEY LAUGH AT US. haha. It's like the new ward joke that the Hna's think they're fat.. hahaah they all get together during ward council like.. "how can we sneak sugar into their food!?" 

We ate dinner with a member and she told us her life story. 

It. was. unbelievable.

She's from Peru but ran away from home because her father had always told her to get an education, but when he died her mother told her she couldn't. She ran to her uncles house, escaped from the Police that her mother had sent out to find her. THEN she worked for someone who worked for someone that was involved in the Peruvian Mafia. so she knew information that she shouldn't and they were after her!!! Her uncle sent her to the US to protect her and she managed to get here safely because she has a manly voice. haha. 

I thought to myslef, "Hna Skidmore, you are so blessed to be able to get to know these modern day pioneers who sacrificed so much to get to this country...they are so humble and so patient. They also have so much trust in the Lord. Like why aren't THEY teaching Me!?"

Deigo is doing great, and his family! They all took turns praying at our last lesson and we're having a family home evening with another family tonight - Plan of Salvation :) and water balloons! YESSSSS! Hna Skidmore and Cuesta style. Diego said that if he knows these things are true, he will follow the example of Jesus Christ and be baptized on April 12th :) His kids are praying about it, too! 

Don't have much time left but this week I've really been thinking about the Book of Mormon, and humility...

Book of Mormon: Attention everyone! If you want straight-up evidence that God loves you, read the Book of Mormon. This week tried to identify why it is so important to me personally... and it's because I realized though the experience shared by the prophets in the Book of Mormon, wars, mothers teaching their children, fighting the bad guy, winning against all odds, is all evidence of how much God loves his children. No matter how many times we fall or think we can make it on our own - when we humble ourselves and rely on Him, he is waiting with open arms to receive us. In essence I guess the Book of Mormon is a book of love! 


Read Heleman 3:35 in the Book of Mormon - in order to grow my faith, I have to be humble and recognize that all that I have is a blessing from my Father in Heaven. And how precious an experience I have to talk and counsel with His children each day. 

Con todo mi amor!!!!

Hna Skidmore