Monday, April 7, 2014

no such things as strangers.


Guess who came to church? 

LA FAMILIA MACHUCA CAME TO CHURCH EVERYONE! and they LOVED it! almost took up a whole bench! Diego the dad, and 5 kids, us, and members that just really did a great job making them feel welcome. 

If you think puppies are cute, wait it you sit next to a 7 year-old mexican little boy while he speaks spanish to you during sacrament meeting. haha Julio is the youngest and he was like "Hna, van a pasar el pan? y despues el agua?... porque tengo sed...." hahah

Hermana are they going to pass the bread and water? because I'm thirsty.. good job Julio! thinking of the "living water" during sacrament. 

Julio reminds me of Brodi Sabiston from high school. He's a fire ball but still a good kid and he can use the bathroom by himself. not that that was one of Brodi's strengths.. you know what I mean haha HE'S JUST CUTE. 

Deigo loved Gospel Principles and all the kids got cookies in Primary! And they learned about Jesus! 

We're going over for another Family Home evening tonight!

Oh! I forgot! Last week we did the FHE on Monday night in another member's home and it was THE BOMB! We made the bathroom into the celestial kingdom and baptism was the door to the bathroom. Get it?? then inside the bathroom all of the kids had a Sun with their name on it :) and afterwards all the kids were like "ARE WE BAPTIZED NOW!?" because they walked through the door.. haha. not yet ;) 

Then it was dark outside .. so our water balloon activity was going to be ruined.. BUT we hermanas think on our feet! 

"Let's just throw the water balloons at a target instead of tossing them to each other!"

We get outside. Hermano Enriques says, "aim at the fence!" 

In my head I thought, no way.. we're making this interesting.. So impromptu volunteered myself and Hna Cuesta as the targets haha

bad idea.

we were soaked. but the kids LOVED it. And Diego is so patient and humble and is loving what he's learning. Gosh I love them so much.

So get this,

after church yesterday. I was so happy. I could barely contain myself. We got home. and I decided to kneel and say a prayer of gratitude. 

I was so happy, there was condensation on my eyeballs... like water gathered around my retinas.. this hermana was cryyyyying from pure joy. 

This Gospel is the best thing that I could ever have the privilege of sharing. I know it's true with all I have. There is no way that this much pure joy could come from something that isn't true. 

I know God lives. I know he loves us. I know it because I am becoming more and more aware, the more people we talk to, of the divinity of each and every one of us. We were made in the image of God. and our potential is endless. 

There is strength and peace from keeping the commandments. Sometimes peace is better than happiness because it stays. Happiness is great! but peace is priceless. A confidence in that your Heavenly Father has a plan for you. just you. 

Con todo mi corazon,

Hna Skidmore