Sunday, March 9, 2014

Winds of Change

UPDATES, fastttt!

Adrian - his ex-esposa said that she would never let him see his son again if he joined a church.. that was hard. it didn't seem to phase him much but he really misses his son...

we had a really sweet experience with him this week. we FINALLY got to meet with him on Friday after 2 weeks, we met in a Subway (he bought a gatorade and stuff so we were paying customers! haha he's so honest!). He told us about what's going on.. and tears filled his eyes as he talked about how much he loves his son and wants to be with him. It was so humbling.. I couldn't even imagine some of the things he's been through and yet we're sitting there like these 2, 20 year old girls, and HE'S asking US, for comfort and how to find peace... we tried to explain that religion and life shouldn't be 2 separate things, we take what we learn at church, by reading the scriptures and praying, and then apply it to help us in our daily lives. Life is hard. the Gospel is simple. we will keep praying that Adrian will be able to work things out, for now he doesn't want to comitt to a date. 

Randy and Ronny Promised they'd be at church, we got a ride for them and everything, no shows... it broke me. and they haven't answered our calls...

I just wish I could tell them.. Don't you know how hard I pray every night for you? Don't you know how much I think about what it is you need to hear from me? Don't you know that the gospel of Jesus Christ will make more of you than you could ever make of yourself? 

Then I stopped.

Maybe that's how our Savior feels sometimes. 

Don't we know how he suffered so that we can return to live with our Heavenly Father again? Don't we know how much They love and worry about us? Don't we know? 

I am suddenly aware of how much God loves us. and how much he is pleading to hear from us. 

If I am going to be His missionary, I have to be willing to go through at least a little bit of difficulty to experience the joy right? right. 

I love this Gospel and I love each of you so much. 


Hna Skidmore