Sunday, November 24, 2013

Rox & Talks


ROXANA IS GETTING BAPTIZED!!!!!!! This Friday at 7pm. 

I feel as though I have been ungrateful. I have been praying and praying that we find someone prepared and feeling that we haven't really found the ONE. THE ONE WAS RIGHT IN FRONT OF ME! 

Roxana is the sister of Ana Mata, the woman that Hermana Thomas taught and baptized right before I came. One night Ana wasn't home so we talked to Roxana and she said the most beautiful prayer - just like she was talking to a friend. I have been blessed to see her progress from the very beginning and now I will see her enter the waters of baptism and start her journey back to our Heavenly Father. 

She is amazing. I feel like I haven't bragged about her enough.. she laughs when she tells God things in her prayers that are funny.. it's SO COOL. She understand that we can't just confess that Jesus is our Savior in order to be saved. it takes WORK. we have to keep the commandments and pray and go to church. she gets it! 

She is a miracle. I feel so lucky that I've been able to teach her from the beginning. 

We were a little worried about her having friends in the ward but we prayerfully chose a member to take with us to talk about Thomas S. Monson (our living prophet today) with Roxana and Hna Cadarone (the member) was PERFECT. She was just like "welcome to the family, welcome to your new start, welcome to all the blessings that are waiting for you." words can't describe how perfect it was. Also turns out some of her in-law family is Mormon! Her husband speaks only english so her english is perfect and so she might end up going to an English ward if he decides he wants to follow her example but for now she's good going to the Spanish ward with Ana (: 

ahhhh I'm so grateful to be a missionary.

This week we've also seen lots of really cool miracles by follwoing the spirit. There are parts of our area that we haven't been to. So hna. Clonts and I say a prayer with the map in front of us, open our eyes and pick a street. When we got to Luna Lane, we picked a house. And in that house lived the only Spanish person on the block. LIKE WHAT!?! We both feel so good that we're worthy to have the Spirit work through us to guide us while doing the work of the Lord. SO RAD.

Oh.. I'm giving a talk in sacrament this Sunday because Hno Pallares (basically my grandpa in the ward) thinks my Spanish is good enough. He's like "Use the Spirit you can do it! I'm signing you up! I'll call the bishopric tonight!"  I'm the 3rd youngest out of 8 missionaries and I have to give a talk.. I'm flattered but then again really nervous.. I don't want to get comfortable with the Spanish I can speak.. I really want to keep progressing and help my companion improve too! 

Detalles Divertidos: 

I can almost play 3 hymns on the piano! Used to only be able to play 1! (mom I know you're so proud haha) 

Sacramento has very distinct smells (I think b/c we're in a valley) it's like 10 feet.. grass smell.. next 10 feet.. grilled cheese... gasoline... next 10 feet.. cotton candy... so strange! but fun to identify! haha 

This week Sister Schow goes "Sister Skidmore... Was it you that said you're good with toilets..?" why yes it was sister schow! haha I helped her unclogg her toilet hahaha yesss. 

This week I've really been trying to say gratitude prayers. It's sometimes during our toughest times that we plead with the Father and have really good heart felt prayers. I'm trying to get out of that habit and always make time to talk to my Father in Heaven and thank Him for the miracles we've seen and really express how grateful I am. 

I love you all so much and I love this Gospel. I love being a missionary. I'm 4 days away from being 1/3 through my mission.. WHAT!?!? 

Les quiero muchisimo y siempre

Hermana Skidmore

Hermana Cadarone and I wore matching outfits :)