Sunday, November 10, 2013

Drops & Dreamz

Que pasa calabaza!?!?  (What's up pumpkin?!)

Right now Hermana Landon (One of Hermana Romero's companions that has been home for her mission since feb) is visiting with her family and she is hanging out with us for the day and driving us around to do some shopping! First trip to target on my mission! WHAT UPPPP! it's funny the little things that make me so excited now haha. 

Hermana Romero has like 3 weeks left of her mission :( waaaahhhhh

Esta semana!

We had exchanges and I went out to North Sac with Hermana Clonts (from AZ) and Hermana Washburn (from Utah).

I got some great news from Hna. Clonts when we woke up in the morning!

"Hermana Skidmore.. did you know that you talk in your sleep in spanish? Like really fast? It sounds really good.. you were saying..'Estamos ensenando.. blah blah blah..'" 

YES! Now if I can just transfer that fluency into the conscious part of my brain.. we'll be in business! haha


This week we did lots of dropping.. meaning we're going to stop seeing some of our investigators.. 

Isidro: old teddy bear man, didn't come to the baptism or church.. i have faith that some day he will realize that God needs to come first..I'm sad, but yeah. There's other people waiting for the Gospel in this area, so we've gotta move on :(

Juana: (pray with scarf on her head lady) she dropped us.. she basically just said that she can't accept anything without hard evidence or like doctrinal proof.. donde esta su fe?  That helped me realize that faith is crucial...

Lightbulb moment: I do not know the answer to every question about the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. I don't. Basically there are A LOT of things I don't know.. I'm only 19, people!

But, there are things that I do know. Without a doubt. Because I've asked the One who does know everything. 

I know that God lives. I know that he is aware of every single one of His children. I know that my Savior Jesus Christ died for each and every one of us. He knows how we feel in every trial, every tribulation, and every joy. I know Jospeh Smith was the prohphet chosen to restore the same church that Jesus esstablished when he was here, to the Earth so that we could all have the opportunity to enjoy the blessings. I know it. I know it. 

There's more but I gotta finish telling you about my week (:


We had a really tough week dropping people and tracting and stuff but SUNDAY! was the greatest. 

It was the primary program where all the little kids sing and give little talks during the first hour of church (: 

Andrea was pumped! Ana Mata (her mom - recent convert) was so proud! and then! Roxana, Ana's sister SHE CAME! We had visited her on saturday morning and we invited her to be baptized with Andrea on Nov. 1st and she said YES if she's ready. She's incredible. Gosh. Yes. 

AND Maria Orosco (our future relief society president in the making) came also! 

All of them stayed all 3 hours and the ward members just did a great job loving them and welcoming them (: it was a great sunday! OH! and Jesus Gutierrez is now a primary teacher hahaaha. that sharp lookin guy in a suit up there singing with those kids. I'm lovin it. Ana and I just laughed and cried through the whole program. 

Miralce of the week:

We were tracting (knocking doors) and we ran into a less active man from the english ward. He shared stories about his mission with us and he said something that really hit me.

"When I was serving my mission in Brazil 60 years ago, we didn't have language training. They threw you right into the country and you had to learn. And then the missionary work in Brazil really took off and missionaries who had only been out 3 months were expected to train.. and didn't even know the language...

Those missionaries came back from their misisons to become the greatest bishops and stake presidents because they learned to rely COMPLETELY on the Lord. They had no other choice. Their own intellect would not suffice. And they establish that pattern for the rest of their lives."

Boom. I love that. I really need to work on completely relying on the Lord.

I love all of you so much. Have the best day and don't forget to pray :)

Hermana skidmaaas