Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Survivin & Thrivin

Where to start!?

ROXANA WAS BAPTIZED!!!!!!! AHHH IT WAS WONDERFUL! She is amazing. I am so incredibly happy for her :) pics to come!

The day/the weekend of Roxana's baptism was probably the most stressful day of my mission so far.. BUT SURVIVED! still kickin!

- We had Zone Conference so we had to actually look decent haha
- Got a flu shot...
- Gave a talk in front of a General Authority...WAHHHH!
- Roxana's baptism
- Gave a talk in Sacrament Meeting on sunday!

So for Zone Conference (When all the missionaries within a certain radius get together with the mission president to talk about how we can improve our teaching skills and become better missionaries. aka: my favorite activity every 12 weeks #nerdalert) 

Elder Baxter of the Quorum of the 70 came!! He's from Scotland so he has this rad accent and it made everything sounds so official.

Here's where it gets good.. Elder Baxter like rebuked all of us.. hahaha hard core. Scottish people are BOLD. WOAH BABY - at least that's the assumption I'm making if all Scottish people are like him.. hhaha. I really appreciated everything he said, though! We definitely needed it! He just talked a lot about how confusing we make things that should really be simple. and how we need to watch our vocabulary because it's very unique to the Church. so true! He did throw in some jokes though.. I took really good notes on those ;) haha

"I have 12 years left in my calling as a member of the 70.. then I can do what I really want to do.. be a Sunbeam Teacher (the class for the 3 year olds on sundays). Seriously, you get to nap, have a snack, and even someone to accompany you to the bathroom... High Priest meetings aren't like that.. we've just perfected the art of sleeping with our eyes open.." 

"We all know that when missionaries take their investigators to church for the first time.. this is what their respective prayers sound like..
Investigator: Please don't let anyone be weird....

"As we say in Scotland - There is no such thing as bad weather, just inappropriate clothing." 

hahah just imagine all of that.. with a Scottish accent. 

Every Zone Conference, all of the missionaries are requierd to write 2 minutes talks about an assigned topic, then president reads them throughout the day and picks 2 of them and those missionaries read their talks to errbody. 

The topic was "The Doctrine of Christ."

I'm really weird guys.. I LOVE public speaking. Really. So I worked really hard on my talk. I prayed about what to say for several days and rewrote it a few times... I can see Cameron shaking his head and laughing at how nerdy I am.. haha.. I really tried to think about what the Lord would have me tell my fellow missionaries.

Well guess what... I was late getting back to the main meeting because I was getting a needle stuck in me. So the APs come running to find me and then I walk into the main meeting and everyone's staring b/c President said my name and no one knew where I was.. llike heyyyy everybodyy... President Lewis "Sister Skidmore, you're going to give your talk.. that'll teach you not to be late haha." 

So yep. I used a line from an email Mitchell sent me a few weeks ago, "The Gospel is not about perfection, it's about progression." Something I've really been trying to understand myself lately. It's funny.. sometimes we give talks and the one speaking learns the most haha.

I don't have much time left! and I want to send pictures! 

My talk in sacrament meeting went well! I spoke on prayer! I think everyone understood! 

I love you all and I'm so grateful for you. Really. I feel so lucky to get to spend my time serving the Lord but I couldn't do it with out all the support from home. 

Les amo siempre. 

Hermana Skidmore