Sunday, December 22, 2013

Winds of a White Christmas

hola hola!

so we don't have anyone with a baptismal date for december.. YET! I still have hope! 

Miguel PROMSIED he would come to church this week but said he got lost finding the building... which he said he already knew where it was... it's fine! he's still got 3 more sundays to make it to church!

The Delgado fam! 

We had a lesson with them and the kiddos were crazy. We tried to read from the Book of Mormon and Alondra (the mom) was ba da ba ba ba lovin it. And apparently Aranza (the 10 year old) can read in spanish! Anyways, It was really unfocused... so i was like, ya know,

"When we exercise our faith in Jesus Christ and know these things are true, when we repent and try to be better everyday, this faith leads us to want to keep God's commandments.. one of which is.. the B word.. BAPTISM." 

How's January 18th? 

Alondra's like.. "YEAH! actually.. no.. wait... let me check my work schedule..." hahah 


We have been trying really hard to inspire our ward to help us out by going to lessons and fellowshipping the investigators. I wouldn't want to go to a church.. or anywhere for that matter.. where I didn't think I'd be bombarded with hugs and big lipped hispanic kisses! (not racist, I'm allowed to say that because I'm a spanish missionary :)) 

President Lewis (mish prez) is really stressing teaching simply and to needs. We really think about what our investigators need personally and not just checking off a list. Hna Clonts and I have been really good at that from the get-go so I feel really blessed to have my comp! 

This week I've really been studying repentence. It is such a gift. If we ask our Father in Heaven in humble prayer to help us over come our natural selfish tendencies, He will! and through the atonement we can be forgiven of past mistakes. que bonita es eso!? All we have to do is ask, and do our best. 

I love this gospel. and I love being a missionary. no better time of the year.

Fun facts this week:

- Hna Cardullo ran over Hna Clonts foot with the car and.. MIRACLE - nothing was broken

- Sister Schow's Handy man brought us EACH a pie.. #phat

- "Baile" is the word for "club" in spanish.. like a dance club. So people that go to the "baile" a lot have a bad reputation haha

Les quiero simpre,

hna skidmaaaas