Monday, September 30, 2013

Pics and Pirates

Hi everybody,

Sorry this week is sparse on details, but look at all the pictures :)
I already committed not to eat ice-cream next transfer!

This woman is my favorite, love her. She sits in the back of relief society and cracks these hilarious one-liners and she's always late for everything. adore her. 

We call them the pirates :)

We took Rosie on a temple tour in the rain.

Transfers: Hermana Thomas (after being in East Sac since the beginning of her mission - 8 months!) is leaving to Lodi! and I will be companions here! Staying with Sister Schow and my new companion is Hermana Romero! She's a native from Mexico City and this is her LAST TRANSFER!

I feel so blessed to have her. I haven't even met her yet but I know it's gonna be great. I will learn a lot of spanish and together we will make her last transfer great (: I've heard she's really humble but funny, too and a little shy sometimes. I think i'm gonna like her (: 

ALSO I HAVE TO DRIVE! She can't drive in the United States.. so.. this should be interesting haha I don't ahve my Iphone GPS anymore.. just the Spirit, HOLLER! 

This week:

Andrea (Ana Mata's 9 year old daughter) Came up to us after sacrament this week and was like. "Hey, can I be baptized in December close to Jesus time?" UH OKAY.

She was supposed to be baptized in August but yeah the date fell through. Hermana Thomas bargained with her and she is now set for November 1st (: YAYAYAYA 
Mas tarde que nunca! (better late than never!) 

Took Rosie (16 year old investigator) on a temple tour! It rained! I'm sending pics! 

Jose and Gabriel are great! Gabriel thinks he's already Mormon or something..? haha we're working on figuring that out and trying to see if he has a record anywhere. That's kind of the difficulty with Spanish.. they move around a lot and are hard to keep track of! 

There's lots of russians here.. So "Privette!" is hello. I'm tri-lingual what uppp!

I love being a missionary and I love all of you so much. 

Hermana Skidmore