Sunday, October 13, 2013

Startling and Fluffy

This week has been so funny with having a native companion. Hermana Romero is basically fluent in English but she still asks me about certain words: fluffy and startling. 

We're riding our bikes and randomly she goes... "What does it mean...fluffy?" hahahah It caught me so off guard and (SHOUTOUT TO TAYLOR) hermana Romero's accent sounds straight from Nacho Libre, I asked her if she'd heard of that movie and turns out - it's her favorite! ES FANTASSTIC!

I was a little baby when I had to leave Hermana Thomas.. having to put my big girl skirt on and actually learn the area because I drive now #rough but we're getting there. Hermana Romero and I have a map in the car - who needs a GPS? Call me a boyscout!

Hermana Romero is MUCH different than Hermana Thomas.. She's very quiet but super agreeable. I just have to get used to the quiet.. which we all know is a stretch haha. For some reason I feel a lot less stressed with her.. Like I have more time to do stuff.. I don't know if that's good or bad? haha. But I feel like I need to be doing things.. I want to plan fun activites and try out different things with the members.. but I'm struggling with my confidence because she's a native and I'm not.. yeah.. i dont' know. Working on it! 

 At the beginning of the week I was really stressing.. I felt super overwhelmed having to teach her the area and stuff. but I just put all my trust in my Heavenly Father and so far hell hasn't broken loose so I'd say we're doing alright (: I'm learning so much from Hermana Romero. She's an INCREDIBLE teacher. She knows her stuff... I hope I'm as knowledgeable as her when I get to my last transfer! 

It's also a little difficult because the natives know that she can speak/understand them perfectly so they just talk to her.. and I just sit there and struggle like OUCH. then I get embarrassed and it's just a whole lotta ugly. 

BUT I know the Lord put us together for a reason and I'm determined to take full advantage of having a native companion! 

Jose and Gabriel didn't make it to church on sunday :( So we have to push their baptism back to October 12th. We visited Gabriel last night and he said he is going to try and get work off on the weekends from now on. They also told us this week that they don't understand Joseph Smith and that's the only Baptism interview question they can't answer. So we're working on helping them be truly converted and pray to know that he was the prophet chosen to restore the same church Christ established to the Earth when he was here and that we still have a living prophet today to lead and guide the church (Thomas S. Monson) who happens to be HILARIOUS and very wise. 

My heart kinda hurts for Gabriel and Jose. They are so prepared. They want to do what's right.. but their monetary situation is preventing them from making this covenant.. I pray every day that they'll have enough faith to do what it takes to keep the commandments and trust that the Lord will take care of them. I fasted for them yesterday, too! Love fasting now. A nice chance to deny your natural tendencies for 24 hours and think about others, Holler. 

Oh! cool miracle! On the way to see Gabriel and Jose - our member that was going to come with us bailed. I was like crap.. how are we going to hit our goal? LADIES AND GENTLEMEN the Lord provides a way..

Just so happened that another member of our ward was walking home from work and decided to take a different route to change up the scenery RIGHT down Gabriel and Jose's street! hahah YESSS! We were like "hey.. wanna take a detour and bless some of God's children?" so cool. 

ALSO! Get this:

We were going to stop seeing Isidro (the old man teddy bear that is waiting for fireworks in the sky to tell him to be baptized) but for some reason I felt like we should call him to invite him to church. 

Hermana Romero called and Isidro was like "yeah I'll be there!" WHAT!?

I was freakin the freak. That has neverrrr happened with him! Hermana Romero was looking at me like I was crazy hahaha. I was sooo happy! 

THEN Church started and he hadn't showed up :( I was like all bummed out on the inside but then he walked in ALL BY HIMSELF! PROUD MOTHER MOMENT! ahhhh. Still doesn't know when he wants to be baptized but hey. baby steps. poco a poquito. 

Andrea is still set for Nov. 1st. She loves brownies.. i don't blame her but I really want to make sure she's not just getting baptized for the refreshments haha. 

Loved the General Relief Society meeting. I really liked how they talked about how we need to really understand what we're doing when we take the Sacrament, I've been working on that! And understanding and pondering the scriptures like President Monson talked about, so great. AHHH I love it. It's like the Super Bowl for missionaries. General Conference this weekend YAYAYAYAYAYAYAYAYA!

Quote of the Week:
"Want to talk to God? Pray. Want God to talk to you? Read your scriptures." 

Amen, Hallelujah! 

Con todo mi corazon,

Hermana Skidmore