Sunday, September 15, 2013

This Week

Sorry the title isn't more creative! 

Hi hi hi! 

SOOOOO This week! 

Zone Conference was on Friday. 4 Zones gathered at our Stake Center so we didn't have to travel far. It was like BAM BAM BAM so uplifting! One of the AP's left everyone a voicemail the night before and was like "Get pumped and ready to receive revelation!" hahahah #missionaryhumor

Random cool thing: I was about to sit down: ready to chow down on regular american food (kind of) Ravioli and salad that the Stake provided us for lunch.. when President comes over to me like.."Sister Skidmore, would you and Sister Thomas join us at the Table over there?" pointing across the room.. "Uh.. yeah!" 

So we sat.. and the Mission President, his wife, the Stake President, and his wife, and our zone leaders ALL watched me eat.. hahhaa. Obiously we all ate together but you know how I feel about like eating in front of important people.. also it was SO AWKWARD! because no one wants to say anything that might be inappropriate.. it's hard to explain.. like everyone wanted to be proper.. 

yeah.. well I got over that real fast. Silence just won't do!

 I talked about the car wash we went through. and how some day Hermana THomas and I are going to go through a car was in the back of a pick up truck.. and then President was like "I like to bungee jump.." OKAY PRESIDENT. YEAH! and then the conversation picked up. Holler at your getting everyone to talk like normal people. Missionaries can be normal, too. Just so everyone knows (: 

The stake president's wife talked about her daughter and how she has 3 older brothers. We really connected on that topic over the dinner table. I basically just told the whole table that the boys (like Cameron and Mitchell) just to clarify, are my heroes. They made me tough. I was never allowed to be a sissy. and when I was a sissy, I wasn't allowed to play with them anymore so it was best just to not be a sissy (: hahahah I will be forever grateful for my homies. 

Then Juancarlos' baptism!!! 

YAYAY! He was so cute!!! ahhhh!!! I'll send pics!

His less active family members and non-member family members were all there and his less active brother Wilson, came to church the next day to see him get Confirmed in Sacrament meeting. We could just tell that Juancarlos was beaming. Hopefully this will spark something with the family. We wrote Juancarlos a note just to tell him how he is really setting such a great example for his family (: I can't wait to see that little guy serve a mission!

The reason I'm emailing on a tuesday!

We had a Spanish activity at the temple!! ahhhh! There's like a huge field around the Sac temple so 1,200 of the Spanish people around Sacramento gathered for the holiday. We ate carne asada and did zumba! Hermana Thomas and I were in charge of maning the door to Zumba haha it was SO HARD not to dance!! It was a great time. Lots of comradery (no idea how to spell that) among the people and my Spanish is slowly getting better! We even got to go INSIDE the temple waiting room with Ana Mata (recent convert) and her sister! The temple worker was like Yeah! Come look real fast! I felt so awkward.. but it was really special. I think Roxana realized that too.  

Spiritual thought:

Do you know the name of Beethoven's piano?

Exactly. No one knows the name of the instrument. But we know the artist.

As a missionary, I am an instrument of the Lord. This is His work. 

Preisdent Martinez (assistant to Mission Preisdent Lewis and over the Spanish) shared that at a Spanish missionaries meeting this week and it kind of blew my mind. it's so true! Hard to remember sometimes, because we want the people to remember our names haha but the big picture is whose work this actually is. 

Used Jacob 3:1 a lot this week. Did I already share that one? Sorry (: I just love it. 

Les amo para siempre y con todo mi corazon.

Hermana Skidmore