Sunday, September 15, 2013

Tengo Ganas


Tengo ganas.. is like saying.. mm yeah I really want to.. but something is holding me back.. it doesn't really directly translate haha but it's what everyone is saying about coming to church. it should be "SI YO VOY A IR!" yes I'm going to go! COME ON PEOPLE! 

En todos modos, (anyways..)

We had a Church Tour! What up. new favorite thing. Yolani (found out we were calling Yolinda the wrong name.. #awk) and her daughter Jennifer and their huge fat baby Miller came on a church tour with Ana Mata (recent convert) and her daughter Andrea.. who was going to be baptized last week but.. didn't have tons of support from the other members of her family. crazy how much influence older siblings have. fo realz. But Andrea took charge of the whole thing haahha it was great! She even used her spanish which she doesn't do very much, totally befriended Jenifer and Yolani was BA DA BA BA BA lovin it.

But they didn't come to church. poop. Things happen. Next week though, she promised!

Lemme tell you about Jose and Gabriel. Gabriel was the miracle guy on the bike that we randomly invited to church and he was like "pues.. SIII!" then we lost him because he moved but then we found him agian! They live with like 50 of their cousins in this apartement and work in San Juan during the week so we always teach them on the weekends. 

Gabriel wanted to be baptized since the first time we met him. And Jose did too. They're incredible. They have such pure hearts. and we found out this week that Jose has a baby son and a wife that live in Mexico while he makes money here. They're like his pride and joy. He talks to them every day on the phone and has been sharing what he's learning about Jesus Christ and the Gospel. SO COOL! 

I was really worried about them having friends at church.. our congregation doesn't really have many 30 year old single or newly married hombres. PERO our ward mission leader, Alfonso is 24 (looks like he's 14) and he is now their friend (: they LOVE him. Last night we had the Chastity lesson.. BUM BUM BUM, clean thoughts, no sex before marriage, the works, and then talked about the Gospel of Jesus Christ (faith, repentence, baptism, gift of holy

ghost, endure to the end) and the whole time they were like.. "Alfonso.. digame.. este.. digame eso.." Tell me this tell me that. hahah then they wanted him to say the closing prayer hahah. SO WOO they have a friend! 

It's crazy to me sometimes.. I sit back during a lesson and just look at where I am.. sitting on a side walk in a dingy apartment complex with 3 mexican men and a white girl at my side. we're all criss cross apple sauce talking about God.. LIKE WHAT!? If anyone would have told me that this is what I'd experience on a mission, never would have belived them. Never. 

It's incredible that we make the most random places (sidewalks, front porches, stair wells, laundry mats) into an environment where people feel the Spirit for the first time. For the first time these people realize their divinity. They feel the love their Father in Heaven has for them FOR THE FIRST TIME in the WEIRDEST places. I'm laughing to myself right now. 

I SIT ACROSS FROM 3 MEXICAN MEN ON A REGULAR BASIS, CHEESE GRADE A LANGUAGE I JUST LEARNED, and somehow.. these people are brought to the knowledge of their Savior and Redeemer. WHAT?! 

I guess not "somehow"..I know how all this is able to happen. It's all the Lord. I open my mouth, not sure what's gonna come out and with His help, it makes sense.. God could soooo accomplish this himself but how lucky are we to get to participate?

Don't forget to smile this week. Say hello to people. You never know what a difference you can make. Con Dios todo es posible. Todo. 

Yo voy a enviar fotos (: 

Con amor para siempre,

Hermana Skidmore