Sunday, December 7, 2014

no lo puedo creer!

hey fam!
we're not going to talk about how much time I have left :) 

moving on... hahaha 


Listen to this... 

Her name is Bxxx, her husbands name is Jxxx Lxxx, her daughters name is Jxxx, 2 sons named axxxx and Jxxxx.

A loooong time ago, Hna Sierra and I were contacting in the apartment complex that is right across from the church and visited more than once daily by Mormon missionaries that speak all languages, we met a girl name Jxxx, had a nice convo, and asked her if any of her neighbors speak spanish.

"Well, my family speaks spanish..." 

K, great! 

We went back with Hna Sheffer and met Jxx Lxx! Super cool guy! We talked about prayer, and the Restoration of the Gospel.

"Sounds interesting... it's different... I like different..I need different..."

Days passed and we tried to get ahold of him agian... nothing... and every time we knocked on the door, his wife told us "NO ESTA AHORRITA!" (he's not here right now) and not answer the door, tell us she's from another religion... ya know.. the norm haha. 

This past monday - the english elders (our faithful Zone Leaders) were chased down by a spanish woman... She wanted us to call her. Okay cool. 

Before the appointment that the Elders had scheduled for the next day... She calls us..Are you coming?  I think I can count on one hand the number of times an investigator has called me to follow up and make sure I'm going to be there for the appointment hahah...

We get there.. we're looking around the apartments for her number... All of a sudden it clicks... 

OH MY GOSH IT'S HER!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Bxxxxx. She's amazing and I give her serious props for being so humble and seeking us out after totally rejecting us haha. Basically some things happened in her church... and she's looking for a good Church in which to raise her kids! 

Here's the kicker all you members out there! 

The reason she sought us out...and not anyone else.. she has 2 Mormon friends that are members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints - and she wants what they have, she mentioned how their kids interact, the respect they have in their families... everything.. 


The Elders had a baptism on Saturday, they came - Bxxxxx went up front with all the kids to see the actual ordinance. We were all a little nervous about asking them to be baptized... but the Spirit's like DO IT! And Bxxxxx just nodded and with a hopeful sounds in her voice said... "Okay." like she knows it's going to take work, and change. but that it is the best thing for her family. 

They all came to church on Sunday :) Except for Jxxx Lxxx because he had to work. THEY LOVED IT! She told the kids they were going to a party hahah they'll get em! Let's be honest, Primary is a party... 

MXXXXX ALSO CAME TO CHURCH!!!!! He is an investigator that we've had to take really slow, baby steps with... AND HE CAME!! He completely missed Spanish Church but that's okay! haha we went to English and he was so nervous around all the people he was like sweating but so happy! 

We went with him.. missed the sacrament AGAIN.. so we had to go to Tongan Sacrament meeting to get the bread and water, no complaints here - I'm convinced there will be a tongan choir that welcomes the Savior when he comes again. Celestial status. 

This week we've been focusing a lot on the little things, how to get the most out of prayer, and scripture study, and going to church. 

Taking plenty of time to pray, have a list of things so that you don't forget, or read your scriptures with a question, put one that inspires you as the background on your phone. I invite you to think of something to do to help you to feel the Spirit even more during the little things :) 

I promise you that you'll be happier, it's inevitable. When we feel closer to God, we are happier :) 


siempre habra milagros esperando. 

Hermana Skidmore
 service in the park!
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the zone!
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giving up the keys to the corolla to hna sheffer - now in the driver seat! 

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our beautiful church entry! lovin those trees!
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foto cred - hna gomez!