Sunday, December 7, 2014

comin' home.

is this real? 

said goodbye to hermana sheffer and hermana cuesta at the mission office, the leaving missionaries tried tirelessly to get all of our luggage to weigh under the allowed limit, and off we went to the Sacramento temple, one last time as full-time missionaries. checking every few minutes to make sure that shiny black tag that carries the name of our Savior is still there (: 
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an awesome member volunteered to let us crash in her house so all the sisters were together! the Sister hosting us expected us to be up late... nahhh hahaha we were all SO BEAT!

said a prayer of gratitude before hopping into bed, head hit the pillow.

and then...

it happened...

alarm goes off, 6AM.

today is the day.... 
before I gave my mind time to catch up with what was happening we were already there. 

Sacramento Airport

gave a big ol' hug to President and Sister Jardine and they sent us off, up the elevator and back to the world to hit the ground running.

the missionaries that headed home through the Salt Lake airport all got off the plane together, and we said a prayer. one more time as California Sacramento Missionaries.

(I had a long layover in Salt Lake to see my brothers and my bestfriend!)

and off we went. almost running! haha


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7 hours, and another air plane later - around midnight, finally in my mothers arms (:
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so... finish line, right?
nah, not even close (:

que siempre tengan adventuras de fe y amor!

Hermana Skidmore