Sunday, October 19, 2014



okay not much time - always seems that way huh haha

we went to the Air Force Museum today with our district and it was SO FUN - it was closed but there was a huge gate open with all of the planes just sitting there... so obviously we walked in.. and got kicked out. Don't worry, we went out peaceably. they were appreciative of our interest :) 


We all took a spoonful of "salsa chile de arbol" at the Ochoa's house due to a bet.. hahah the elders have had some serisous stomach probz, it hasn't fazed hna Sheff and I for some reason? haha

Graciela came to church! It was a primary program and it was NUTSO haha - like think... daycare with church hymns sung at the top of their lungs.. and sugar.. lots and lots of sugar... her kids loved it :) 

FIDEL IS GETTING BAPTIZED - THAT'S RIGHT! He moved back into our mission to ELK GROVE AND Obipo Galvez, Diana y Angel Ochoa, and I are all going to see him on SATURDAY AHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!! I'm gonna cry so bad!!!

Les quiero mucho! 

Hna Skidmore

this talk changed my life :)