Sunday, September 28, 2014

una buena semana!

wowowow. what an amazing week. 

Angeles bought me this mexican rubbing fluffy thing that you use in the shower, what's it call? A talufa? Anyways, she's helping me get rid of the skin bumps on my arm.. hahaha like talk about calling attention to my imperfections haha. But she is determined! And she follows up with me every time she sees me "Has curado tus brazos!?"  missionary style :) 

There were lots of ups and downs but we just kept pushing forward! Hna Sheffer has really helped us to be super diligent and we are exactly obedient!


Last week we had dinner with a member named Hna Sanchez, and she off handedly mentioned that one of her clients for "Herbalife" ITS SWEEPING THE LATINO PART OF THIS NATION, asked her about church and wanted to go. 


Her name is Graciela, funny story; her house FACES the Church building...she asked Hna Sanchez about the church because she always sees so many cars there, SHE LIVES THAT CLOSE! No transportation issues there, HALLELUJAH AMEN!

We went to see her yesterday - She has two little boys that we entertained with Wizard of Oz stickers and notecards & she accepted a BAPTISMAL DATE OF NOV 1st!!!! She really wants to make sure she knows about the church and I'm like GIRL WE GOT YOU! In a much more dignified way, of course. haha. She's also from El Salvador!!!!! WOOOOO. Also, Hna Sheff had her first, latino woman breast feeding in front of you experience, I almost died laughing hahah she told me "I DIDN'T KNOW WHERE TO LOOK!" hahahahah 

Okay, running out of time! 

The Church is true. The Book is blue. Jesus was a Mormon, too. - Hna Sheff's Dad. hahah


Les quiero!

Hna Skidmore