Monday, September 15, 2014

soy una mama

holllerrrr at your missionary.

Hermana Skidmore is. so. happy.

Training is the best thing in the world and I have the most wonderful companion. I'm PUMPED for these next two transfers.. we won't talk about what happens at the end of those two.. ew. Dad, to answer your question - yes! I will still be an STL, it's super fun and a few of us are training so we bounce ideas back and forth about how to help our new missionaries :) 

HER NAME IS HERMANA SHEFFER! - she is from Richfield, Idaho and went to 2 years at BYU before her misison! She. is. fantastic. very humble, teachable, and she is SO WILLING TO TRY NEW THINGS. Like I have had to pick up my walking pace to keep up with this girl, she also happens to have long legs, so that's part of it ;) 

On our first day together, I asked her to pick a street from our area and we would go knocking/contacting there. WHATDOYAKNOW - we get there and there's a spanish woman outside sweeping her drive-way (is that like a thing that people do?) haha. regardless, we fast walked over there to her (old neighborhood lady style, arms pumping) and it was Michelle. Hna Pitcher, I know you know who I'm talking about. She's Eduardo's wife, wasn't able to be baptized because they aren't offically divorced? remember!? Hna Sheffer invited her to be baptized in our first lesson the next day, Angeles went with us and was perfect, as usual, and SHE SAID YESSSSS!!!! We know there will be some road blocks but nothing a little faith and prayer can't change. 

This sunday, the famous President Martinez (couselor to our Mission President) came to give a class to the Spanish congregation and it was phenomenal. Really solidified my testimony of the Book of Mormon, that we need both the Book of Mormon and the Bible in order to have the complete Gospel of Jesus Christ. Ahhh then afterwards I asked him to train our little Spanish district - it changed everything about my mission. I am so grateful. Like I was almost in tears. I told hna sheffer she's super lucky because she learned all this stuff at the beginning haha. 

Funny thing:

we're in a zone of all elders... so sometimes I catch myself talking like an elder...I don't eat like an elder though, so we're still in business - holler. 

"Yeah, I've been running every morning..." Elder Herd

"Is that why you look so swoll?" - Me 

Elder Gardner heard me and laughed so hard... hahah 

Les quiero mucho! 

Hermana Skidmore