Monday, July 7, 2014

highs & lows - gotta blow my nose. touch your bottom.

Que tal mis queridos!? 

Okay so I have been sick for a while.. like a few weeks ago.. I was snoring like Dad in the long lost pink chair and I thought it was allergies.. I finally kicked it and then... My companion got it! haha In spanish they call it "la gripa" it's like a cold basically.. A COLD IN 111 degree weather. stop. the irony...

So basically, Hermana Pitcher has been real sick.. in fact, we were on our way to exchanges and after enjoying a nice Wendy's frosty, I look over at her (i drive now so I can get to know the area) and she's just silent... 

"Hermana, you're not going to throw up are you..?"


all over the front seat of the car.. hahahhahaah

She'd kill me if she knew I was telling you this.. 

I did what any good companion would do as my counterpart is moaning in discomfort.. I laughed. I laughed so hard... hahaha

We finally get to our destination and we're cleaning up just laughing at how pathetic, sick, and sleep deprived we are (don't worry mom, I'm exaggerating to make this more interesting ;)) and the other Hermanas come out of their house.

Hermana Pitcher - "No! don't come near! Back away! Hazardous waste zone!" 

it was a fun week :)

We were definitely compensated for our lack of coherency and overdosage of cold medicine because the miracles haven't stopped!

Lore - remember the investigator I wrote a short blurb about last week? We found her a week ago just walking through her parking lot, she came to a baptism, came to church, and then they were going to come to this marriage class (wooo!) that the ward was hosting, but they got caught in a puddle and had to go home because all the kids were mojados (soaked) haha SATAN! BUT! She came to Church again this week with her nieta and loved it. 

Backstory: On exchanges, I was in our area with Hna Naatjes and we went to have a lesson with Lore and her husband Felix, at the end of the lesson, Lore told me that she's leaving on a Vacation to Mexico to visit her son (who she's trying to marry us off to ;)).. She won't be back till August and she leaves on Thursday.. I told her she was breaking my heart... She has been so prepared to hear the restored Gospel.. So after Sacrament meeting on Sunday:

"Lore, do you feel like you're in the right place?"

Pues, si...

We invited her to be baptized on Wednesday - Why not? haha. All of the odds are against us.. but we believe in miracles. and it doesn't stop there...

We went over after church to have lunch and we talked with Felix, He's a little more stubborn about the whole religion thing. We tried to explain the importance of prayer... the kids were having tantroms and the Spirit was struggling to be there, LETS PRAY.

We asked Felix to say the prayer... 
Lore was in tears by the end of it. 

It was.. wow. We were all just standing there watching her cry so I pushed Felix by the shoulder and pointed to her like "hug her ya dummy!" success :) 

She is praying to be baptized this Wednesday. Yes.

This week I've learned a lot about the Spirit, the gift we recieve by hands on our head and a being given a blessings. It is the greatest gift that God could give us, the companionship of the Spirit to always keep us on the right path. It's just like getting to know a new friend, we have to ask questions, pay attention, and listen really carefully in order to notice the small promptings, I've been trying to do so as I teach, sometimes we think things, or thoughts pop into our head for a reason.

I love this Gospel. I love our Savior. Even though things are really hard sometimes, we feel like life has beaten us up pretty good, don't lose hope. 

He was broken so that we don't have to be. 

Watch this video and cry :) it's the cutest thing - old people!!!

Don't forget how much I love you, and how much God loves you, too.

Siempre suyo,

Hermana Skidmore