Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Helmet Hair and Eternal Salvation

ayeeeee mis queridos!

This is gonna be fast again!


We are teaching 2 families and they BOTH came to church!!!!! Yesss! 

La Familia Paredes - we found them last Sunday tracting and talking to everyone, right when they opened the door and they were all standing there like picture perfect, we knew they were special, they're so funny and their daughter looks like a white girl, blonde hair blue eyes but she speaks spanish like the mexican that she is haha. MAN DON't Mess with my mind! - Dad what movie? She's 10 and hilarious. we're talking about the Gospel and it's like SQUIRREL  - I want to learn to play the piano! haha  

La Famila de Cari, Jose Luis, natalie, and Sophie - Came to church again! We had a break through with Cari this week and she told us all about her life. It's amazing the things that people have been through... and they turn things around and work really really hard for a better life. She said that her kids are her motivation for everything. We explained that everything we've experienced has been experience before by our Savior Jesus Christ, he understands, and through baptism we can be completely clean. It's the greatest miracle of all to see God change a heart. 

Fun facts:
- Toilet paper was on SALE TODAY WOOOOO!!!!
-Spanish people have their front door mats backwards
- On exchanges, someone tried to convince us that Jesus wasn't perfect.
- After 9PM if I'm really tired - I start to talk like Kronk from Emporers new groove,  
- People still talk to us on biking days, THE GOSPEL IS SO TRUE. 

Fam bam, I know that these things are true. We have seen so many miracles as we put our missionaries first, we haven't been in our own area very much but we trust that as long as everyone else is doing OK, things will fall into place so that we're okay, too. Our Heavenly Father is so aware of us. He love you so much. The Atonement is a big thing that covers all of humanity, but it is also the thing that is so individual. 

I love being a missionary. 

siempre suyo, 

Hermana Skidmore