Monday, February 10, 2014

Spreading More Than the Gospel

hna. skidmaaas esta enfermaaaa.

spreading the gospel and germs! wooooo. from your emails it sounds like the whole skid squad took a nose dive health-wise at the same time - true family bond right there. family that sneezes together stays together am i right?

everyone and their abuelita tienen la gripa! My voice sounds like a cool combination of Presient Packer and Emma Stone, whatuppp. Hna Griffith says I talk to her in my sleep even more now because I feel the need to tell her how bad I feel haha. She's a champ. Letting me blow my nose todos los dias and no complaints :)

This week we've been trying really hard to contact 20 people a day as Elder Ballard has asked. It's so fun! I've found that the more people I talk to, the happier I am.. I got sick on Friday so the first part of the week was more successful.. people don't really like to take pass along cards after  AHHHHCHOOOOOO all up in there - I don't blame them.

Milagro: Savannah - the miracle girl from last week. She arrived RIGHT on time for our appointment and as we talked to her she interrupted and she said "Sorry to interrupt but I just realized something (we had been talking about the Spirit). I was at my friends house just now and no offense but I completely forgot you were coming.. but for some reason.. something told me it was time to leave my friends house.. and right as I drove up, I knew it was because you were coming."

yeah girl yeah! We have to pass her off to english because she's more comfortable there :( but we get warm fuzzies from knowing that we helped her find the truth!

the rest of the week was a little hard.. but just like Elder Worthlin says "Sunday will come." if you don't know where that quote is from - research time :) it's a life changer. 

Sunday came.

Adrian and Jose came to church! Adrian is miracle man from last week and Jose is an on-again-off-again investigator that knows all the missionaries hace como dos anos!

We had a choir number.. I got pushed to the back because I sounded like a teenage boy going through puberty, alright. it's fine.

Church for the investigators could not have been more perfect. One speaker spoke about the talk by Sister Burton of the Relief Society - the story about the oveja (sheep) that misbehaves and how the shephard just loves it and loves it some more and eventually the sheep se comporta bien (behaves well). It just really hit home with Jose I think. After sacrament he told me he thinks he's the sheep. I looked at him and said, "not anymore. you've found your place. i know it." He has a Mormon friend in Utah (like who doesn't right? haha) and they have been talking more and more! We're praying that it's really time for Jose to make the change. The Good Shephard is always there, He's just waiting for us to accept the unconditional love. UN-conditional. It's never too late. You've never gone too far off the path. Yep.  

Adrian LOVED church. He's a little shy in his converse high-tops and SERIOUS bling-bling haha but that's okay! The ward members really made him feel welcome.

Hno. Gonzalez - the member that reminds me of Dad :) - said something in Gospel Baics Class that I really liked, he said..

"Todo lo bueno, cuesta." - Everything good, costs.

Gonna keep that one in my noggin for a long time.

Sunday night (last night) we had another great lesson with Adrian, Alfred and Leilani. (Alfred and Leilani are both recent converts of about a year). Get this - It was a bonfire. A BONFIRE hahahah. We asked Alfred if we could have a lesson at his house with Adrian He was all "oh yeah! I can start a fire outside because my family will be really loud inside." haha whatever works!

We talked about repentence. Alma 22:18 and how the king says that "I will give up all my sins to know Thee."

I will give up all my sins to know thee. Not I would.. if I had the time.. Not I would.. if it wasn't so hard.. he says: I will. He wants a relationship with his Savior and his Father in Heaven THAT bad.

Adrian really wants that realtionship and to understand who Jesus Christ really is. We talked about how repentence is good! It means change for the better! All it takes is a prayer and determination. Our Father in Heaven and His son Jesus Christ are our biggest cheerleaders.. I've realized a lot this week that it's usually us that hold ourselves back from that positive change because we figure that there's no way they could forgive us.. again. But yes. That's why the Gospel is such a blessing. Doesn't matter how many times you fall as long as you get back up again.

Fun facts:

- Everyone serves us Juice :) because no matter the country, usually where they're from, the water isn't good.
- All of the silverware is always on the right side - don't know why!
- Spanish people don't mind the annoying beeping of a dying fire alarm, so almost every house there's a beep.. haha.

Pics! Not sure the order!

In Tracy people actually have yards and sometimes there's more stuff stored in the yard than in the house haha. Hna G and I have this new hobby of finding treasures, we ask people about it and they're like TAKE IT PLEASE! hahahah our room is like an art exhibit..


Les quiero siempre.

Hermana Skidmmmaaaassss.