Monday, February 10, 2014

Onward Christian Soldiers

Wowowow this week was woahhhhh! 

So many things going on!

First things first! It's official. Hna G and I are both training and I will be in Tracy East (not where I thought) haha SO I'M MOVING!

We pick up the new missionaries tomorrow morning! 

I'm moving in with the Smith Family on the other side of Tracy. Ahhh we didn't think I was leaving haha. 

I'm trying to go really fast so I can send pictures, too!

This week we tried SO HARD to find new people and teach lessons but it just wasn't happening.. I did a lot of re-evaluating, what can I do better? Why am I on a mission? How can I be a more effective instrument in the Lord's hands? Lots of time kneeling in prayer - but then you get up and get workinnnn. Hna Griffith loves to say "onward christian soldiers!" haha 

Bunch of random stuff:

- I learned that you should NEVER eat tostadas on a date when i get home. It's like a mexican salad on top of a GIANT chip we ate with a member.. it's so good but so ugly. No matter what.. creama on your nariz y todo. yep. guacamole close to my eyeballs and little pieces of chip left over in my scarf when I took it off at the end of the night haha. Needless to say, I got over my whole "I don't like eating in front of people" thing.. haha Lookin' at you Tay and Kelsie. 

- Our Recent Convert, Alfred, breeds these really expensive dogs and he names them after prophets! hahaha Right now he has Benson (Ezra Taft Benson) and Flora (President Benson's wife..) haha

- DO NOT joke about dating the Bishop's son.. the little old spanish ladies are already planning our wedding and talking about our future children.. he's serving his mission in Florida right now and Hna Bastias is trying to get me to write him a letter she's all "Tell Obispo that you're doing service for me by writing to Elder.. I have arthritis!" haha 

- Hna Griffith and I are out of miles in the car so we have been walking/biking ALL this week and it's actually lead to a lot of adventures and good opportunities to talk to people. We ended up in a park on sunday.. standing in a circle with 20+ homeless people while we held hands and prayed over their hot dogs that were provided by one of the other local churches, what uppp!

The week was hard but Sunday came and Adrian came to church again! Our gangster came with his shirt tucked in!!!!! He also took notes during church and wrote questions in the margins of his Libro de Mormon! ahhhh He's such a miracle. I'm excited to keep teaching him with my new missionary.

We also decided to stop back by this house where we met a teenage boy named Jose. He was really friendly the first time we stopped by but said his parents probably wouldn't be interested and that his mom wasn't home.. HE LIED hahah. We were fixing our bikes and she came outside to go to work. We taught them an amazing lesson and we all knelt and Marta (the mama) said the prayer at the end. 

I've realized this week that the thing that makes us different is that we are all about progression. We believe in the quest for perfection and that our potential is endless. I love this Gospel so much. It's all about improvement, and even though improvement hurts, vale la pena. siempre. It's always worth it. 

Con todo mi corazon </3

Hna Skidmore