Monday, February 10, 2014

No hay nada en mi mente.

Buenos diaaaaas :)

I'll start with the latest on mi amigo ADRIAN! 

We had a movie night with Hna Carreno y esposo y el obispo y su esposa y Leilani (recent convert) last night! With palomitas de maiz y todo! Popcorn and the whole sha-bang. 

Guess what we watched. It was a thriller. Blockbuster. Box office legend. haha just kidding..

THE TESTAMENTS - AKA - the best Movie about Jesus the Church has ever made, In my opinion. Adrian was loving it. We read 3 Nephi 11 in the Book of Mormon before watching the movie just to give Adrian an idea of what it was about. 

I love the verse that says when Jesus visited the people on the American continent after his Ressurection, that he let them feel the prints in His hands.. "one by one." or "uno por uno." that's love right there. There were a lot of people and he wanted all of them to bear witness of his divinity and sacrifice. And when the man that went blind trying to save his son is healed by Jesus and sees him for the first time. Tears. waterworks all around. You can just feel the joy radiating from that man as he finally beheld the Messiah he had waited for faithfully for so long. 

The members were great at making sure Adrian understood everything! After ward we were outside talking to Adrian and he asked us some more questions and we talked to him about baptism. I told him that I can imagine him blessing the Sacrament on sunday, or giving his son a priesthood blessing. I can see him giving a talk. White shirt and tie to replace the baggy jeans and gangsta chains. He laughed and was like QUE VERGUNEZA - which means like ahhh no wayyy I'd be way to embarrassed.. It's so true though. His potential is endless. 

I think a lot about the quote that Grandma sent me a while ago, please tell her I'm referencing her! haha About how the world would just use money to take the man out of the slums, but the Gospel of Jesus Christ teaches the man how to better himself and then he takes himself out of the slums. That thought has completely changed the way I view the Gospel and the way that we teach people. It's all about potential. Like all aboard the progression boat. 

He said a tentative yes for MARCH 2ND to be baptized :) he also showed us a picture of his 4 year old son Randy that doesn't live with him. We have been praying for Adrian's family, too. That he might be able to have an eternal family some day. He still wants to pray about baptism and see one before he gets dunked himself. We're down with that :) 

Ayyyye la vida (fun facts):
- We thought we found this miracle guy named Jose, that wanted to come to church the first time we met him! Then he texted us like "what do I wear?.. oh by the way.. QUE BONITA LA HERMANA CUESTA!" yeah.. so much for sincere intent.. hahaha 

- One of our zone leaders is a Spanish speaker and his companion is noooottt. so he always tries and this week he greeted us saying "Holarrrr" like "Oh-larrr..." Elder Viallba just shook his head haha. 

- We walked to church this week in the rain with one of our investigators that was high when we invited him to church but then we went to go wake him up on sunday morning and he came! We got about half way and then ADRIAN saw us walking, Stopped, picked up Eduardo (other investigator) and drove him to church. haha yesss! Hna C and I had to keep on walking because we're not allowed to ride with non-members.. got to church late, and soaked but VALE LA PENA - it's worth it :) 

FELIZ DIA DE SAN VALENTINE! Les quiero con todo mi corazon. The Gospel is true and it changes lives. I know because it's changed mine. The Book of Mormon, yep still true :) . I've read it and I know Jesus Christ visited this continent as a testament to the people that He lives and that God loves all of His children. I know that God hears our prayers because he has answered mine. I am realizing more and more that this work is so much bigger than just my companion and I - this is His work and with His help failure is not a thing. 


Hermana Skidmore

pics next week!