Sunday, January 19, 2014

Pon tu hombro a la lid


Ahhhh this week was nuts. I'll just make a list because I don't know how else to include errrrthang!

1. Had a lesson with this woman Graciella and her husband who are very religious but they don't have parties.. we're like NO FIESTAS!? COMO PUEDE VIVIR?! How can you live? haha they were like "do you have parties in your religion?" We laughed and tried to explain that Mormons live for parties and potlucks but we had a hard time explaining dirty dancing without demonstrating.. haha like the fact that we don't dirty dance at the Church sponsored parties and stuff. They have been really closed off but I felt inspiried to just ask them about their beliefs and after they had a chance to explain, they let us share a little bit more about what we believe as well. We don't know why but we feel a need to go see them again. Their kids were sitting in the kitchen, interested.. but not saying anything haha.

2. Hna Griffith thought she saw a wolf one night. We got out of the car to chase it. hahaha anything for a cool picture! Then a car across the street ran out of gas so we rannnn over there...skirts and all, to help them out. we pushed the car back down the street away from the main street. Cool little missionary moment haha

3. Luz our investigator has been really hard to find... but every time we've gone over there, her vecinos have been outside so we just say hi and have some small talk, this week the wife asked a lot of questions about the church and was really interested in Eternal marriage. It's cool how that worked out! The Lord works in mysterious ways. Maybe the whole reason we've had a hard time tracking down Luz is so we could talk to Maria and Roberto!

4. I picked up this habit, partly from dad and partly from Hna Cardullo in East Sac, that you call people by their name without them telling you, like if they're wearing a name tag. So we have our friend at the gas station we always go to and his name tag says "magical Trevor" so we were leaving the first time and I said "Thanks magical trevor!" Hna Griffith just laughed because he looked stunned. But now we're pals :)

5. #blessing - biked SO MUCH this week and didn't unintentionally eat any bugs! Hollerrrrrr

6. Took a member to see our investigator Lara... They hit it off so well that we were there for an Hour and Half and found out more information about our investigator than we'd ever know before haha. And Hna Renderos (the member) invited Lara to church and told her she now has a friend to sit by :) can't tell you how helpful that is! This ward is incredible. *Sidenote: errrbody reminds me of mom and dad.. but Spanish. And the relief Society is like Elle Woods from Legally Blonde.. spanish version hahaha. tiny little lady and she enjoys eating the occassional 10 cow tounge tacos. What up!

7. Bad news bears.... Daniel, Randy, and Ronny all texted us sunday morning to say that they're happy how they are and that it was nice meeting with us but they're not interested anymore.. yep. I was heartbroken. It hurt... But we're choosing to see it as the Lord helping us identify who is really ready. We're not done with Randy & Ronny though. We're both convinced that they're going to serve missions. We texted them and they said we can still be friends so we'll be back over there for sure. Gahhhh. I'm so sad about them.. they're like pre-existance friends ya know? Like as if you have met them before? Crazy.

Escritura de la semana:

Alma 17:11 del Libro de Mormon - And the Lord said unto them also:

Go forth among the Lamanites, thy brethren, and establish my word; yet ye shall be patient in long-suffering and afflictions, that ye may show forth good examples unto them in me, and I will make an instrument of thee in my hands unto the salvation of many souls.

I know this Gospel is true. It makes me soooo sad because I just LOVE people immediately and when I know they're walking away from something that will bless their lives immensely, it's hard!

But we keep on keeping on :)

Les quiero simepre y con todo mi corazon!

Hna Skidmaaas

pic is with the CUTEST dog my camera is a little cray so my face is scary white but the dog is like a curly haired chocolate brown leilani and it was totes "hugging" my leg... it's fine. haha