Saturday, January 4, 2014

Feliz Año Nuevo Todos!

It has been such a crazy and amazing week!

1. We taught Randy (teenager from Mexico) and we are really trying to add investigators so we asked him if anyone in his house would want to hear our message? Turns out he has a TWIN - A TWIN LADIES AND GENTLEMEN! a very stylish, super chill, twin. Who is interested in coming to Church. His name is Ronny and he reminds me of Mitchell because he was wearing a scarf that looks like one Mitchell has haha. The lesson with them was so funny because they give each other a hard time about everything. Like when Randy went off about random things and asking a million questions, Ronny would smack him and be like "shut up.." haha then when Ronny was praying at the end of the lesson for the first time, he messed up like "Padre Celestial" and Randy corrected him throughout the whole thing hahaha. Hna Griffith and I were DYING laughing and trying to hide it with our eyes closed head down arms crossed during the prayer. We said "Amen" and they looked at my face and Randy's like..

"Por que se pone roja?" - Why is your face red?

I was like uh.... I'm feeling the Spirit! (sorry, that's probs a little sac religious..) I just told them I thought it was nice they were helping each other! After the lesson Hna Griffth was like "Good save.." hahaha

2. I was like stressin out one day about finding investigators, how we're going to manage 2 areas, using our time wisely... just a lot of things and I still don't know the area very well and we got lost going a few places... BUT that night. We randomly found 2 men in a trailer park, so we got a member, went back and had an AMAZING lesson with them. Hector and Renaldo. Renaldo seemed really interested like he was contemplating everything we were saying. Hector just talked a lot.. and got confused between Jesus and Jospeh Smith #ohboy. But I'm super excited for them!!

3. Got a text on the 30th that REYNA IS GETTING BAPTIZED!!!! #miracle - I had one day to find a member to take me.. on New YEar's Eve... and hour and a half away.. and WE GOT ONE! AHH It was so great

Reyna was so happy. She just looked peaceful. She said that she had heard a voice multiple times telling her she needed to be baptized. And she finally said "I told the voice.. OKAY I'll do it!" totally the Spirit :) love it.

 It was like visiting home. All the members . I got to talk to all of the missionaries from East Sac, too. Gosh I miss them ahhh. It was so nice to go back!

This past Sunday, I read The New Testament in an hour! haha I read the little kids picture version and I learned SO MANY NEW THINGS! mas tarde que nunca (better late than never haha) 

I finsihed the Book of Mormon again last night at 10:25pm :) I started right when I got to the mission. Reading it again just strengthened my testimony of how much God loves us. I know it's true. I love it. I feel like Moroni was my friend and he wrote me a letter at the end of the Book of Mormon haha. "Just stay faithful Hna Skidmore and it's all gon be okayyyy."

I love being a missionary. Especially with this  new year. so many opportunities and experiences waiting to happen. I can't belive it's 2014!!!!

Les quiero siempre,

Hna Skidmore

Rayna's Baptsim!

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