Sunday, August 11, 2013

Puedo Hacerlo!

There's this less active family, remember the picture with the little girls? The Aleman family? Well I was on exchanges with Hermana White in my area and we visited them. The mom was in a really bad mood and stuff but we colored a sun moon and stars with the girls and talked about reinos de gloria. Their Dad is trying to stop drinking so before we left we asked him how it was going.. HE SAID HE HASN'T IN 4 DAYS! Granted, we haven't been able to check up since then but that's a good start! I was super excited, didn't have the words in spanish to say so.. so I just gave him a high-5 and he pointed to the fridge.. 

On a sticky note I had left him a note (the previous visit) that said "YO PUEDO HACERLO!" to help him remember not to drink. He had put it on the fridge and that's what helped him! It felt so good to know that even though I can hardly understand him.. his spanish is really mumbled, I was able to help him somehow. tender mercy. 

Check this.

For some reason, I've been chillin with all the widows lately, I totally relate to President Monson - the widows are my lady jam! - they're great! For some reason we've been meeting a lot lately, and I live with one so I just ADORE them! 

This week we met Gladys, it was a miracle, timing was everything. We were trying to contact someone else but ran into her instead and were able to really do some meaningful service for her. 

She's from El Salvador, and GET THIS, Brad Wilcox.. ya know THE brad wilcox, well his son, baptized Gladys into the Church, #MINDBLOWN. 

Gladys has lots of health problems so we just sat with her in her backyard while she told us her life story. Sidenote: her garden is her favorite thing and it's legit like the Garden of Eden. She has cockatiel birds and 2 cute dogs,, a nice looking water fall and the "Tree" with the fruit on it.. if ya know what i mean. It's actually an orange tree but for the sake of the comparison to the Garden of Eden, work with me people. 

Then we went inside, and she has been asking her daughter to put up this curtain in her kitchen for like months, so she asked us if we'd do that before we leave. No problem! She was SO GRATEFUL, it felt so good to do something so simple but we could tell she really enjoyed the company. Then she showed us her scrabble room and asked us to play the piano for her, we tried to turn on the lamp above the paino but Hermana Thomas broke the knob off.. so I'm like trying to fix it and taking it apart while she's playing and were hoping that Gladys isn't seeing any of this ( her chair was facing the other direction) and I ELECTRICUTED MYSELF! hahaha this ZAAAPPP went all the way though my body.. ouch. I didn't manage to fix the lamp either.. 

She was so so so grateful that we came. and she speaks english and spanish so she was really helpful to talk to. 

3 minutes left ahh!!!

We have 2 baptisms coming up (: 

Francisco - 57 year old ADORABLE man that is a chef in a hospital cafeteria, is getting baptized this saturday

and Juan Carlos, he's the cutest 9 year old I've ever seen and this week we creatively made a paper chain with a scripture for every day until his baptism on the 24th! like rip one link off a day and read the scripture - what up! sign me up for teaching primary! 

2 mintues ahhh!!

We were doing service for a member family this week and the little boy took a bite out of my chapstick and spit his chicken out on my plate.. I was just like.. hm, okay.. and kept on talking - WHAT UP - ready for motherhood! haha #not


Omni 1:26 - Gospel in a nutshell. 


- hermana Skidmore