Sunday, July 14, 2013

Puedo Hacerlo!

There is so much I want to tell you! The first night was great, there were about 20 of us greenies (new missionaries) that all ate dinner at the mission home after staying the night with some members. I love my mission president and his wife. They're so cute! On tuesday, we met our trainers! All of the greenies walked into the chapel and all the trainers were singing "Called to Serve" it was rad! 

My trainer is Hermana Taylor Thomas. She's from Orem, UT and let me tell you. I could not have asked for a better trainer. She went to a Spanish immersion school for elementary school and so she is basically a little white fluent mexican haha. She is incredibly patient with me and is teaching me so much. 

Our area is called.. Del Norte (North) area of the East Sacramento Stake!

I live with a member! Her name is Sister Scow and she is 83 years old haha. She's so cute! We sleep in bunk beds and I have like a full kitchen and stuff which is nice! I'll try to send pics!

We drive a SWEET Ford Fusion.. the AP's old car (: but I feel so lazy because we drive a lot haha. I'm getting a bike today so that should help! 

Hermana Thomas says that she loves that I talk to literally everyone. I don't count out white people. We tract for a little while each day and if we run into an english speaker, we teach em! But I love speaking spanish. The spanish people are just really nice. Even if they don't want to hear a message about Jesus Christ, at least they make up an excuse that seems legit haha. I'm learning that people definitely exercise their agency.. which is a little disappointing sometimes pero esta bien. 

Tambien, there are chiuahuas running around everywhere! haha like little tiny ones I don't even know where they come from! 

I'll tell you a story from yesterday. We are teaching a lady named R. (I'll use her itnitals for privacy purposes). She is a seamstress and so talented! She works out of her garage. My trainer tracted into her a day or 2 before I got here. Yesterday it was a miracle that we were able to bring a member with us to the lesson with R. so Hermana Thomas and I were pumped. R. is a Catholic so she is having trouble with her family excepting her talking with the missionaries. BUT the member - Hermana Bustos, used to be Catholic so she totally related and really helped R. I challenged her to be baptized and asked her to read a scripture (That was my contrabution) haha. She she said maybe.. So we will keep working with her!

I also attended my first convert baptism this week! A 14 year old boy that the Elders in our district are teaching. It was the coolest thing! I bore my testimony (in Spanish - the whole thing was in Spanish) and It didn't completely suck! 

I pray more than I ever have before. This work is hard. I want to be able to speak Spanish so bad. I LOVE the people but I feel like they can't love me until they know I understand them. I've definitely noticed improvement in my comprehension, though!! I hang on to the scripture Alma 26:12. I seriously pray so much, for strength, for understanding. It's amazing how my faith has grown. I know that my Savior Jesus Christ and my Heavenly Father are watching out for me. That alone has brought me so much comfort. It's incredible I just want to share it with everyone! 

Les quiero much y siempre! 

- Hermana Skidmore