Sunday, June 30, 2013

3 Rows Up, 11 Seats in!

Que Pasa Calabaza (What's up, pumpkin!) hahaha I guess spanish people love these greetings because they rhyme!
This week we taught Loupe and we had a really spiritual lesson where we read 2 Nephi 18:21 - a couple more and we said a prayer that his dad would let him be baptized. It was super cool because we went back the next lesson and he said that his dad wasn't exactly happy but that he wouldn't stop him! However, we taught the Plan of Happiness for that next lesson and Loupe fell ASLEEP! HIS EYES WERE LEGIT rolling in the back of his head! hahah I didn't feel too bad.. I know that our Spanish is rocky.. BUT we're going back tomorrow with an OBJECT LESSON! whoohooo!
Gabi is getting married! We have been trying to get her to talk to her boyfriend so that they can get married and she can be baptized and she did! She invited us to her wedding but unfortunately.. we're getting "transferred." I really hope that I can help teach a real investigator the lessons and attend a real wedding! AHH I CAN"T WAIT TO GET TO CALIFORNIA!
We have a tradition of Soccer Saturday in our Zone! It is so fun! I'm actually not bad! We decided that Hermana Davidison runs like a Gazelle, in a good way! those long legs of hers.. haha who needs National geographic channel when I've got it right here!
I finally saw my friend Mary Lamphier! We cried (more like she cried, and I tried to squeeze my eyes together to produce condensation to publicly display the gravitiy of the situation) when we saw each other, I really wanted to see her before I left! She has been through a lot to be a missionary and I just adore her.
OH! This week we did service for the last time :( I had to wear these black gloves that were like leather pants for my hands. good times.
This week Sister Janice Kapp Perry was the Devotioal speaker. She wrote our childhoods in case you didn't know. Seriously every popular children's hymn and get this! HER FAMILY HAS A SONG, SHE WROTE A SONG WITH HER Family AND IT WAS HILARIOUS! Also, this is the pick up line her husband used on her in band class where they met.. "Those lips look like they were made for someting better than playing the clarinet!" hahaha HE"S GOT GAME! get this, after she told the story to us, HE GOT UP AND PLANTED A KISS ON HER and then put his fist in the air like "SUCCESS!" haha they're like 70 years old!!! Talk about Rated PG...
This week I also got to host the new missionaries! Basically you just help them out of their cars, watch the parents cry and then take them away haah. My district got lost on the way to the meeting that was ourside the MTC aso that was an adventure. When we got there, the guy giving directions was hilarious. He was like.. ask the mom if they have the immunization record.. if she goes.. "What record..?" Then ABORT ABORT! DO NOT FLUSTER THE MOTHER! ... it was hilarious.
Here's a spanish joke...with no accents because I can't do that on this comp..
Que es la diferencia en medio de una pera y su novia? (What is the difference between a pear and your girlfriend?)
Una es pera.. pero, al otro no espera! (One is a pear... and the other one won't wait!)
It's funny because it rhyms in spanish.. hahah... I think it's funny.. Okay...
WE HAD IN FEILD TRAINING AND IT WAS SO FUN! We learned all about using members to help us. We also practiced "finding" people to teach. Turns out, I'm really good at this. I honestly think it's my strength as a missionary. I just genuinely LOVE talking to people. So this Sister is practicing contacting me and she started crying.. I was like uhhh... She said, "I'm so scared.." I gave her a hug (that's right, I'm affectionate) and asked her why she's a Mormon.. she just kind of told me.. Then I said, "okay, now I'm going to be a random woman at the park and I'm going to ask you the same question. She did awesome! We got through it together and it just felt good to help someone.
That's not all but I have like 7 minutes left! Ahh!
Les quiero!
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I found Kyrsten!

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