Sunday, July 21, 2013

Hasty Lumbego

Haha okay so we were saying goodbye to sister scow and we said "hasta luego!" and she answered and was like "yes! hasty lumbego!" hahahaha It was the cutest thing!


Basically we are blowing our goals out of the water and we are very hard working, obedient missionaries. It's such a blessing to have a companion with the same goals and attitude about the work. 

Pero (but), earlier this week I was in a total funk, like it was bad. I thought I sucked at being a missionary because I had nothing to compare to. These past 2 weeks are all I know. THEN on saturday we did exchanges and I got to go to south sacramento zone. I exchanged with Sister White who is the Sister Training Leader (Like a District leader for girls) and she is in a trio so I got to be with hermana Cardullo and Hermana Sharp (rememeber how I met her

mana Cardullo's parents at TRC in Utah!? small world!) 

They were a BALL! ah it was so much fun! and it was really nice to have people to relate to me, they've been out for 2 transfers longer than me and they just really understood that Spanish is a struggle. 

So we visited this one family, and let's just say their apartment was like.. uh.. rough. Stuff everywhere. One of the kids wanted to eat a doughnut that he found on the floor and was like chipping of the icing, real interesting. But get this, the mom has cancer, so naturally life is a little rough. I totally judged them when I first met them, "like wow this is going to be hard." But then the Hermanas told me that the dad got baptized last week and that the little boy and little girl are getting ready for baptism this week! Turns out, the little boy, Antonio, is brilliant, like he LOVES reading the Book of Mormon and the folletos (phamplets... I don't know how to spell that in English haha.) 
Anyways, we were asking Antonio if he's excited to be baptized and he was like, "I don't know, I'm like 92 percent sure." So I had a nice little chat with him and asked him about his doubts. What would help him with the other 8 percent? So he said he didn't understand where the BoM came from. I was able to explain really simply and it felt so good. My heart really went out to these people. I realized why I'm a missionary. We offer hope. The gospel, the atonement, the Plan of Salvation, all offer hope for this family who has had it pretty rough. I noticed that Antonio (actually I just realized his name was Anthony, that's embarrassing, but I don't have enough time to go back and change it - so many similar spanish names!!) ANYways, I noticed that ANTHONY was a little sad, like frustrated, because of his life situation.. and so i was putting his paper back in his little notebook after we made book marks with a countdown to baptism and so I left him a little note that said "Anthony is great!" I hope he finds it when he really needs it. 

Okay yesterdaySUNDAY

We literally were cracking up as we drove to church..

Este es que paso.. 

We call all our investigators on sunday morning to see if they want to come. We planned on having two.

Then I felt like we should call Alan, our new 14 year old friend that we met tracting. Amazingly, he was like Siiiiii yo quiero asistir! I want to attend! 

So we have our bestie Jesus follow us because as sisters we can't drive anyone else, we go to pick up our investigator Edgar.. and we see that Edgar is talking to another man on a bike. Hermana Thomas and I both felt like we should talk to him. So we invite this RANDOM spanish man to church and he SAYS YES!  

So now there are 2 men in Jesus' car and we're going to pick up Alan, who we've never taught before, but he wanted to come. hahaa so we just like put Alan in the car with these three random men that he's never met and Jesus is lookin' so fly in his suit!! OW OW! haha 

THEN we had to go get another one of our investigators so that he could follow us in his car! 

We show up to church with CUATRO INVESTIGADORES! hahahaha We were just dyingggg on the way to church - ALL ABOARD THE CHURCH BUS ALL RANDOM STREET WALKERS WELCOME! hahaha 

Turns out they all really liked church, and Hermana Thomas was like, "We've never had that many at church before." 

I guess it's common to not have any show up for weeks at a time. IT"S CRAZY HOW THE BLESSINGS ARE JUST ERRRWHERE! 

Entonces, Estoy divertirse. (i am having fun!) 

I can do this. I can learn spanish. I can bring others to Christ. I love putting on my nametag each morning and wearing the name of our Lord right next to my heart. 

LOVE YOU ALL have a great week!

1 Nephi 21:16 

- Les amo mucho  - Hermana Skidmore